SDI-12 Sensor Manuals - Dyacon

SDI-12 Sensor Manuals

Who likes writing manuals? Not me. It is far more fun building stuff. Nevertheless, it must be done and, in this case, has been done. Manuals for Dyacon SDI‑12 sensors are now posted under the Docs & Support tabs.

Temperature – Pressure – Humidity sensor (TPH‑2)

Wind Speed and Direction (WSD‑2)

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The exercise of writing the manuals brought up the need for a convenient SDI‑12 interface utility. Connecting a data logger, setting up the logger interface software, connecting a serial cable, and supplying bench power can make a simple task unnecessarily complex. If you just want to test a sensor, configure the address, or set calibration values, how can you connect it to a PC? While there are a number of SDI‑12 adapters available that are cheaper than a data logger system, they are still expensive. So, is there an easier way? Of course.

SDI-12 Data Logger Connection

While Dyacon SDI‑12 sensors are specified for 7 VDC minimum, you can actually run them on 5 V, just like our Modbus sensors. This allows you to connect them directly to a USB to RS‑485 converter for both power and data. We also hacked out a little utility for sending and receiving SDI‑12 data. No data logger, no expensive software, and no bench power supply are required. You just need one cable.

Data and power from USB to RS485 converter

We’ll finish up the SDI‑12 terminal utility and post it on our website along with instructions. (Great. Now I have to write another manual.)