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Dwolla is an online payment system that uses the ACH system for bank-to-bank wire transfers, just like your Direct Deposit pay check. (Dwolla is only available for US domestic transfers.)

Credit Card Overhead

Credit card companies have been tremendously successful at selling the convenience of their products to consumers. However, merchants are well aware of the costs associated with credit card transactions. Depending on the type of the card, the merchant pays between 2.5% to over 4% of the purchase price plus transaction fees collected by each hand in a complicated chain.

Do you use a “cash back” card? Guess who pays the “reward,” the merchant, again.

Big companies can negotiate very low merchant rates, but small businesses are stuck with the high costs.

On transactions under $10, Dwolla transfers are free. Above that amount, the transaction cost is less than $1.

What about PayPal?

Dwolla and PayPal are very similar. Both are more secure than cards, since the buyer does not have to disclose any payment information. However, Paypal merchant charges typically exceed those of credit cards. How else do you think Elon Musk can afford both electric car and rocket hobbies?

Is Dwolla Hard to Use?

Dwolla is as easy or easier to use than PayPal.

When you make a purchase from Dyacon, you will receive an email from Dwolla. Simply follow the link in the email. You can check out as a guest or sign up for your own account. All you need is the routing number and account number that you can find on one of those old paper checks you have stuffed in a drawer. Many times you don’t even need that, just search for your financial institution, enter your account number, and sign in.

Do I Have to Pay Any Fees?

No, using Dwolla for Dyacon purchases is free.

There are no sign-up fees, annual fees, penalties, late fees, transaction fees, withdrawl fees, or paper statement fees.


Thank you for helping us keep our costs low, your credit card secure, and for supporting an American business.

We hope you enjoy your weather station.

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