20 W Upgrade with 9 Ah battery


Solar Panel Upgrade Kit is an upgrade to the standard power system of Dyacon MS-100 weather stations. It is easy to install on weather stations in northern latitudes or other areas where additional power is needed.

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Feature Summary

  • 20 W solar panel
  • Multi-angle mounting brackets
  • 9 Ah SLA Battery
  • Band clamps and Hardware
  • Battery cable
  • Made in US


Standard Dyacon MS-100™ weather stations use a 10 W solar panel and 7 Ah batter. This is suitable for most locations below latitude 45°. For northern latitudes and areas with more snow or cloud cover, a 20 W panel provides additional power margin.

KIT-20WUP™ is available as a factory upgrade option during initial system configuration (-001 variant). It can also be purchased as a separate power kit for weather stations already in the field (-002 variant).

As a factory upgrade (-001), a 9 Ah battery and 20 W panel are used during weather station configuration instead of the typical 10 W panel and 7 Ah battery.

The field upgrade kit (-002) ships with all of the components required to install the upgrade in a Dyacon weather station, including the solar panel, brackets, battery, fused cable, and hardware.


Dyacon solar panel bracket installs to a pole or walls.

The angle of the solar panel can be adjusted without any tools. Positions include 30° down angle, 45°, 60°, and 90°. (The 90° position requires a second pin. Contact Dyacon if this position is needed.)


Brackets are composed of 5052 aluminum. Band clamps are stainless steel. Clevis and cotter pins are zinc-plated steel.


  • 20 W solar panel
  • Solar panel bracket
  • Battery
  • Power cable with in-line fuse
  • Pole/wall bracket
  • Band clamps
  • Clevis pin and cotter pin

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