Machine-to-machine Cell Phone Data Plan 5 MB and SMS


Verizon M2M data plan for Dyacon weather stations and similar equipment. For US domestic use only. 12 months prepaid at $19/mo.

The term of service may be increased or decreased to provide a convenient February renewal.

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M2M cell phone data for Dyacon MS-130, -140, and -150 weather stations which use Dyacon CM-1 weather station controller and datalogger.

Our direct relationship with Verizon Wireless gives you the best possible geographic coverage. We provision each weather station with a unique phone number and optimized data and text messaging plan.

5 MB of data allows for DyaconLive connectivity and other weather station data services.

125 text messages are also included. Text messages are used for current condition weather reports and remote configuration.

This plan also allows for over-the-air upgrades of system firmware.

Service is billed annually. Cell phone services is included in leased weather stations.

Custom account provisions are available upon request to meet your usage needs, such as unlimited text messaging.

*SIM card image is for illustration purposes only. Embedded cell phones are provisioned remotely. Weather stations and weather stations controllers sold outside of the US use GSM/GPRS cellular phone technology. Accounts must be provisioned in the destination country.