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  • Solar Power
  • Data Logging
  • Modbus Cable Connection
  • Embedded Cell Phone
  • Email or FTP Data Logs
  • WeatherUnderground-Ready
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Real-time Gust Detection
  • Air Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Relative Humidity
  • Soil Temperature
  • Soil Moisture
  • (Tripod not included.)

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PN: MS-140.


Product Details


MS‑100 Series Introduction

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“We at Papillon Airways, Inc. are very happy with the Dyacon weather station. It has delivered exactly what we were looking for.” 

Read more from Burl Boyd at Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters

“For the last 4 years we have been using the Dyacon system with text message access with great success.  The equipment is very reliable, provides a timely and accurate transmission of important airport weather.” 

Read more from John Kezele, the U10 Airport Board Chairman at the Preston Airport


Manuals & Software

Dyacon MS‑140TM is a solar-powered weather station with embedded cell phone that provides excellent installation flexibility and portability.

MS‑140 has been configured specifically to meet agricultural (e.g., the grower’s) needs. The ability to monitor local soil and weather conditions helps growers be able to more effectively evaluate irrigation requirements and manage resource allocation.

MS‑140 includes a standard complement of air and wind sensors as well as soil moisture and soil temperature gauges. Upon installation of the weather station, weather reports and alarms will be sent directly to the user’s cell phone as text messages. No special software, websites, or computer programs are required. Alerts can be set for low soil moisture, temperatures outside a designated range, lightning, high wind, humidity, and other conditions.

MS‑140 is designed to be efficiently and easily set up right out of the box; adding the optional Dyacon Tripod‑1 is particularly helpful for easy setup.

Feature Summary

  • SMS (text message) weather reports
  • USB configuration
  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Soil temperature sensor
  • Rain gauge (optional add-on)

MS‑140 uses the same control module as other Dyacon MS-1xx weather stations, so the standard Dyacon communication features such Modbus, USB configuration, and Weather Underground compatibility are included. Data logging is built in to all Dyacon weather stations as well.





Key Features

Basic Configuration
MS‑140TM is shipped with the control module, wind sensor (WSD‑1), air sensor (TPH‑1), solar module, soil moisture sensor, submersible temperature probe, and tripod with mounting hardware.

This wireless weather station includes an integrated cell phone for SMS weather reports and data uploads to Weather Underground.

Weather station MS‑140 uses Dyacon modules in building a solution that is unique, expandable, and flexible.

Brackets and hardware are included for mounting the components on 3/4” to 2” pipe. (Tripod sold separately.)

Separate wind and air sensors allow for instruments to be positioned at conventional elevations or as required by the application.

The included Dyacon control module utilizes a cellular module for command and control as well as for weather reports.

Barometric Pressure
A 24-bit ADC digital pressure sensor has the capability of delivering 10 cm (+/- 1.5 mbar) resolution. Barometric pressure is contained in the TPH‑1 sensor.

Wired Data
The control module is equipped with both USB device and Modbus slave ports for connecting to data hosting equipment, such as PCs or programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Solar Power
A 10 W solar module powers the MS‑140 and charges an internal battery. The system is designed to have five days of normal operation without solar input. An adaptive power algorithm extends critical operation for several more days.

Weather station MS‑140 is designed to be installed and maintained by the user. Sensors shipped with the unit are preconfigured and tested prior to shipment. Full instructions are provided so that setup can be done by the user without technical support.

MS‑140 includes a 12 V output for the Smart-Fan aspirated air sensor, which improves the temperature accuracy in sunny conditions.

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