Dyacon Power Distribution Block, PDB-1 was designed for low-power weather station applications with multiple batteries or loads.

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Dyacon Power Distribution Block, PDB-1TM was designed for low-power weather station applications with multiple batteries or loads.

The power distribution block is a simple parallel circuit with no active circuitry or components that would impose a drain on the system or be susceptible to switching transients.

Each connection is individually fused.

Feature Summary

  • 45A Anderson Powerpole Connectors
  • ATO-ATC-Mini fuse holders
  • No active circuitry
  • Zero quiescent load
  • Fully potted
  • Made in USA

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PDB-1 Data Sheet

Key Features

Construction: ABS enclosure with epoxy potting

Connection: Anderson Powerpole® 45A Connectors

Mounting: Flange


Power Distribution Block PDB-1TM is designed to connect a rechargeable power source to a load.

Normally, a power sourcing connector would be a receptacle and the load would use a pin. This convention avoids potentially short circuiting of exposed pins.

In rechargeable battery connections, batteries may be the source during equipment operation or they may be the load when recharging.

Anderson Powerpole® connectors are hermaphroditic and can be used for both sourcing power and recharging the battery without exposing live pins.



Voltage: 32 VDC power systems or less

Current: 5 A average

Circuit Protection: ATO/ATC or mini automotive blade fuses. 4 A or 10 A pre-loaded.


Material: ABS enclosure

Overall (WxDxH): 77.9 x 53.59 x 34.82 mm (3.07” x 2.11” x 1.37”)

Total Weight: 78 g (2.8 oz)


Operating Temperature: -40°C to 80°C

Storage Temperature: -40°C to 80°C

Humidity: 0% to 99%, non-condensing


Connectors: Anderson Powerpole® 15/30/45A