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Dyacon SIM Cards are provisioned to leverage the features of Dyacon control modules. The Control Module CM-2 utilizes an integrated cell phone for text messaging (SMS) of weather reports and command and control. CM-2 can also log data for transmission by email. A provisioned GSM SIM card is required to activate the CM-2 wireless features. For user convenience and system flexibility, Dyacon offers a number of SIM card options. The account features may be upgraded at any time.

For installations with a minimal usage, Dyacon offers a 100 SMS/Month plan. This may be adequate for installations with a single user or stations that are accessed only occasionally. Messages beyond this limit are charged $0.25 each. (Please keep in mind that command and control text messages are included in this limit.)

The Unlimited SMS plan ensures that all users will have access to the system without exceeding plan limitations. Systems that are accessed frequently, such as for airports, public service, and grower associations, will benefit from this cost-effective option. Control operators may filter “allowed” users to avoid burdening the system.

The CM-2 has optional logging capability. When enabled, the log can be retrieved by connecting a host USB device, such as a laptop or tablet computer, or CM-1 can email the log by schedule or SMS command. The email feature requires a data plan. The Dyacon SMS & Data SIM card option meets the needs of this application. This plan also allows for over-the-air upgrades of system firmware.


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