6-Point Soil Moisture Probe




SMAC24U™ is a 24 inch (60 cm) soil moisture probe with six measurement points for soil moisture and soil temperature. The sensor is a Modbus RTU device, pre-configured or direct connection to Dyacon CM-1 weather station controllers.

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SMAC-24U™ is a valuable tool for soil and irrigation management and grower research. The effects of rain and irrigation intensity can be observed as the moisture percolates through the soil profile.

SMAC-24U can be used to evaluate soil moisture conservation techniques, fertilizer application conditions, and minimize over-irrigation for crop yield optimization.

SMAC-24U connects directly to Dyacon weather stations, combining the soil moisture data with real-time weather conditions, including precipitation, solar measurements, wind, and humidity.

Feature Summary

  • Six measurement points
  • Temperature and soil water content
  • Long-term stability
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Fully potted
  • Permanent installation
  • No periodic drying or saturation required
  • Modbus RTU

Manuals & Software


SMAC-24U Data SheetSMAC-24U Manual

Key Features


SMAC-24U™ is a non-metalic probe.

All electronics a fully potted, to ensure a long field life and year-round installation.


Temperature and relative water content is measured at six positions.

Measurement data is available through DyaconLive and on the LCD of Dyacon CM-1 weather station control module.


SMAC-24U is typically installed in a vertical hole so that the top cap is at or below the surface of the soil.

SMAC-24U is connected to Dyacon CM-1 weather station controller, the user can simply enable the probe through the menu, and the probe measurements will be included in the log file and on DyaconLive™


Contact Dyacon for more details.

Specifications contained on data sheet.