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Soil Moisture Sensor


SMEC‑5TM is a soil moisture sensor for all soil types. It measures total volumetric water content for the soil or media.



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SMEC‑5TM is a basic volumetric water content sensor that provides a relative value of water volume in the soil. It is manufactured in the USA by Decagon Devices.

The SMEC‑5 sensor is buried in the soil at the desired depth, usually within or just below the root depth of the crop. Two sensors may be used at varied depths to measure “saturated” conditions for irrigation purposes.

SMEC‑5 is suitable for use by commercial agricultural growers, landscape managers, and serious gardeners. When combined with Dyacon control modules and weather instruments, SMEC‑5 provides a robust solution with remote data telemetry to the user’s cell phone or to the Weather Underground web interface.

The capacitance/frequency technology provides a faster response to changing soil conditions than gypsum block technology.

Feature Summary

  • Capacitance/frequency technology
  • 70 MHz frequency minimizes salinity and soil effects
  • Suitable for all soil and media types
  • Fast response
  • o% to 100% VWC
  • Made in the USA

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Key Features


SMEC‑5TM is fully potted and sealed for direct burial.

The 5 m cable is resistant to soil and sun exposure.

Sensor Output

Analog output, 10% to 40% of excitation voltage.


The SMEC‑5 soil moisture sensor is easily installed by the user’s digging a hole and sticking the forks into the side of the hole. Sensor should be installed with the prongs horizontal, one above the other (in other words, on edge).


The soil moisture sensor is buried in the ground at the desired depth. The appropriate depth is application specific and may depend on the soil type, root depth, or as appropriate for applications such as leak detection.


Measurement Time10 ms
Accuracyat least 0.03 m^3/m^3
Resolution0.001 m^3/m^3 VWC in mineral soils, 0.25% in growing media
Output10%-40% of excitation voltage
Range0% to saturation

*Specifications are based on manufacturer’s information.

Power2.5 VDC to 3.6 VDC, 10 mA typical

Dimensions8.9 cm x 1.8 cm x 0.7 cm (3.5 in x 0.71 in x 0.13 in)
Cable5 m, shielded and twisted pair, stripped and tinned leads

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