Solar Power Upgrade Kit


10 W solar power upgrade kit for Dyacon MS-120 wired weather station configurations.

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Solar Power Upgrade Kit, KIT-10W™ provides an upgrade option for purchasers of MS-120 weather stations. The kit includes everything required to add solar power to MS-120™, a cable-connected weather station configuration.

MS-120 uses the same CM-1 weather station controller as all other pre-configured systems. As such, it can be updated in the field to include any of the options of other systems.

Kit-10W Includes

  • 10 W 12 VDC solar panel module
  • 1.5 m 2-wire cable, attached
  • 2-position pluggable terminal block
  • Solar panel bracket
  • Pole/Surface mounting bracket
  • 2 each 1.5″ band clamps for pole mounting
  • 8.5 Ah SLA extended temperature battery
  • Battery power wire assembly

KIT-10W can be installed in just a few minutes, converting a cable-connected weather station to a fully autonomous data logger.

Adding the cell phone upgrade kit further expands the capability of the system with wireless data functions.

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KIT-10W Data Sheet