Quad-Disc Static Pressure Port


Static Pressure Port SPP-1™ connects to barometric pressure sensors to ensure omnidirectional response to wind turbulence.

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Static Pressure Port SPP-1 is designed to be connected to
barometric pressure sensors in order to minimize the effects of
pressure fluctuations caused by air turbulence.
Barometric pressure sensors that are installed in a field
enclosure are often vented at the bottom or sides of the field
enclosure. This can result in pressure anomalies from different
wind directions and speeds.

SPP-1 ensures that pressure measurements are independent of
wind direction.

SPP-1 can be completely disassembled and cleaned in the field,
facilitating routine maintenance and minimizing the
vulnerability created by insect and bird fouling.

Feature Summary

  • Based on Nishiyama-Berdard 1989 Design
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Tool-less disassembly
  • Standard ¼” tube fitting
  • Made in US by Dyacon

Applications Include

  • Aviation
  • Pressure localization services
  • Meteorology
  • Mobile weather stations
  • Applications requiring omnidirectional pressure response

Manuals & Software



Key Features


Anodized aluminum. Stainless steel fasteners.

Tube Connection

Standard ¼-18 NPT pipe thread installed with ¼” tube barbed fitting.

Accessory Adapter

Top post comes as standard or as an accessory mount with 5/8-11 UNC threaded.


SPP-1 mounting adapter fits over the end of a 3/4″ structural pipe or inside of standard 1” structural pipe fittings.
Outer Diameter – 1.31” (32.1 mm)
Inner Diameter – 1.07” (26.2 mm)

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