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Remote Weather Station Display – Modbus


VPD‑143TM is a Modbus industrial display for use with Dyacon weather stations and sensors. VPD‑143 is pre-loaded with instrument screens for common applications. Custom programming is available for unique sensor and weather station needs.

PN: VPD-143-001.


Product Details

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Dyacon Remote Display VPD-143TM is a human-machine-interface (HMI) display, preconfigured for use with Dyacon weather stations and instruments.

VPD-143TM is pre-loaded with weather station display screens. It attaches to the Modbus slave port on the Dyacon CM-1TM weather station controller using CAT-5 or instrumentation cable.

Four different screens are pre-loaded. Users can switch between with the press of a button.

VPD-143-1TM can also be programed for displaying measurements for a single or multiple sensors. This option is useful for showing temperature and humidity in a green house, lightning detection, or wind conditions.

VPD-143 can also relay Modbus RTU data on the Ethernet port. This custom solution allows for a local display of instrument data while also providing the same data to PLC or other automation systems.

Feature Summary

  • Modbus RTU host
  • 4.3″ color screen
  • Sealed enclosure
  • 12 VDC and 120-240 VAC options
  • Independent operation
  • Modbus TCP relay (Custom option)


  • Green house
  • Mine and industrial environments
  • Remote air strips
  • Public information
  • Automated systems

Key Features

LD-1 detects lightning by analyzing electromagnetic disturbances. The processing chip analyzes the shape and energy level of detected signals to identify characteristic lightning patterns.

LD-1 contains several settings so that users may tune the sensor performance for their environment.
HMI Display Controller

The programmable display controller uses a 32-bit RISC processor and has both RS-485 and Ethernet ports.


VPD-143TM uses an IP66 field enclosure that protects the HMI display, power supply and electrical connections. The enclosure can be screwed to a wall using the molded knock-outs.

Cable glands are used for cable entry and strain relief.


Internal wire connections for power and Modbus. No external plugs are exposed. Custom cable and terminations can be supplied on request.

Wired Data

VPD-143connects direction to the Dyacon weather station controller or Dyacon sensors using Modbus RTU.


VPD-1TM is designed to be installed and maintained by the user.


More information to come.

** Continuous full run mode, reading 200 range registers once per second.

Manuals & Software

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