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Weather View 32

Weather View 32

Versatile and customizable weather station software with logging and Internet relay functions. Sophisticated connectivity features for serious amateurs, professionals, and weather observers.
PN: SW-0630.


Product Details


Weather View 32 Professional weather station software is used around the world for weather logging, charting, and web services in amateur and professional environments. The software is extremely versatile and is actively supported by the Weather View developer.

Multiple Weather display screens may be customized by the user to show the relevant data in various chart and graphic formats. The software can upload charts and data to your own web server or you can use a number of other weather services, such as Weather Underground and CWOP.

Dyacon weather stations connect to your computer through an RS485-to-USB converter. The RS-485 signal allows for very long cable runs, so there is no need to have the computer within close proximity to your weather station. A short-range (300 ft to 1 mile) radio link is also available, more details to follow.

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