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Dyacon weather stations are pre-configured automatic weather stations for commercial and industrial applications. They use solid construction, are made in the USA, and a cut above the department store options for better connectivity, versatility, and maintainability.

Unlike systems built on conventional dataloggers, Dyacon met stations are designed to minimize total cost of ownership while providing an easy-to-use, smart system that can be installed, configured, and maintained by users with basic technical skills.

Dyacon weather stations are solar-powered met stations that include wind, air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensors. Rain gauge, solar sensor, lightning detection, temperature probe, soil moisture, and globe temperature round out the optional instruments.


Dyacon Station at eaver Dam Wash Reserve


The embedded cell phone provides Weather Underground connectivity, text message reports, data log transmission, and over-the-air updates. Where wireless features are not needed, Dyacon weather stations may connect to automation equipment through the Modbus port.

Weather stations are configured using the LCD menu, USB port, or text messages. No programming languages, development environment, or additional software purchase is required for you to be able to utilize your weather station.

When mounted on a Dyacon equipment tripod, your weather station becomes portable and can be relocated as necessary.

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Weather Station MS-120 features



MS-130 & MS-135





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