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Automated Cell Phone Weather Stations


DyaconLive Weather Data


MS-150 Preconfigured PWS

On-site, reliable weather data is important for many businesses and industries.

In many businesses and situations, it’s important to have access to weather information; whether that be for worker safety, livestock conditions, agriculture, or aviation. There are regional forecasts readily available, but the best option is always on-site, accurate, information. Sometimes this is called hyper-local weather data and that is exactly what an Automated Cell Phone Weather Station provides.

Similar to ASOS and AWOS systems for airports, automated weather stations (AWS) offer current weather information in remote areas. An AWS typically includes multiple sensors, autonomous power, and various mounting solutions–depending on the system’s use. At Dyacon, we have weather stations designed for versatility for commercial and industrial weather station users.

After being installed, the Dyacon weather monitoring stations begin to send weather reports and alarms straight to DyaconLive (a real-time, web portal for weather stations equipped with cell phone, WiFi, or connected to a PC). You can view specific variables using SMS text message or a web browser, as well as generate various reports. Email alerts can also be configured for user-defined parameters such as temperatures limits, wind speeds, wind gusts, and other conditions. Dyacon weather stations hit the sweet spot; affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use.

We can estimate Growing Degree Days in combination with Deficit Vapor Pressure to predict fungus development. Early alarm (above a threshold) of fungus development helps us to improve chemical applications.

Control Irrigation Management SACPercy Terrones

We at Papillon Airways, Inc. are very happy with the Dyacon weather station. It has delivered exactly what we were looking for... This has greatly improved our ability to anticipate the need to stop operations.

Papillon Grand Canyon HelicoptersBurl Boyd

Despite the harsh conditions of the Washington coast, including high wind speeds and the corrosive effects of salt spray, the Dyacon system performed well throughout the year long study.

Oregon State UniversityNick Cohn

Preconfigured Private Weather Station

Dyacon meteorological weather monitoring systems are preconfigured automatic weather stations that fit the bill: they are high quality, rugged construction, and made in the USA.  These aren’t department store, but they are still easy to use for professional applications.

Starting with MS-120, a range of sensors are available for wind, air temperature, pressure, humidity, soil temperature, WBGT, and rain.

Met Station MS‑150
Solar powered with embedded cell phone.

Dyacon instruments use high-end sensing elements, but they are specifically designed to minimize cost while providing an easy-to-use system. After mounting the components, Dyacon weather station are ready to use with only minimal configuration, no programming required. Once powered, weather station equipped with a cell phone will begin transmitting to DyaconLive and will have SMS text message capability.

The best part? No additional software, websites, or computer programs are required.

The Dyacon Private Weather Station (PWS) is based on a Dyacon solar-powered met station and includes a wind sensor and a combined air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensor. Solar sensor, rain gauge, and other options are available to meet your needs.

Features such as data logging, DyaconLive connectivity, and custom sensors can all be configured using the LCD menu or through the USB port. No programming languages, development environment, or additional software purchase is required. The system configuration may be changed in the field.

When mounted onto a Dyacon field tripod or Dyacon quick-deployment tripod, your weather station can be relocated as necessary, making remote weather monitoring easy. Either of the Dyacon tripods will provide a stable base anywhere–out in the field or right next to your facility.