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Website Widgets

Users can insert a small widget on their organization’s website to make the weather station data more accessible.

The following are examples of the small, medium and large widget formats. You can scroll to the bottom for implementation instructions.





In order for the widget to work, Public Link for the DyaconLive weather station must be enabled. This is done by the Administrator or Manager of the station page on the Settings tab.

At the end of this ugly looking URL is the public ID (pid). This number is needed to construct the necessary widget code.

iFrame Code

The widget is an iframe in the following structure:

<iframe id="serviceFrameSend" src="[pid goes here]&amp;size=[<small, medium, or large>]" width="[<300, 500, or 900>]" height="[<250, 250, or 600>]" frameborder="0"></iframe>

The developer must specify:

pid — public id from the DyaconLive public link

size — small, medium, or large.

width — 300, 500, or 900, respective to the specified size.

height — 250, 250, or 600, respect to the specified size.


<iframe id="serviceFrameSend" src=";size=small" width="300" height="250" frameborder="0"></iframe>