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DyaconLive Is A Weather Station Web Portal Designed And Programmed By Dyacon Staff.

DyaconLive is a professional weather station web portal for Dyacon industrial weather stations. Designed by Dyacon for professional users, DyaconLive provides both public and private weather data, alert, and maintenance features for private and public institutions.

Aviation ExampleGeneral Example

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DyaconLive provides professional users with a dedicated web portal for every Dyacon weather station.

Aviation Mode

Altimeter setting, density altitude, estimated cloud base, and more.

Maintenance Management

Know when equipment was serviced, who did it, and when it is needed next.

Private and Public

Keep your data private or make it public – it’s your choice.

Email Alerts

Alarm parameters are set by you, and sent to the email(s) of your choice.

Professional Reports

Generate reports automatically. No spreadsheets.

DyaconLive and DyaconLive+ (Plus)

DyaconLive is an ad-free weather portal to view data from your Dyacon weather station. Each weather station equipped with a Dyacon cell phone plan or WiFi includes this feature!

DyaconLive+ (Plus) is the premium version and adds:

  • Multi-user (Admin, Manager, Basic)
  • Reports: Irrigation (Et0), Fire Weather, Grow-degree Days, Summary, and more.
  • Maintenance Management System
  • Network List
  • Email alerts

You can read more about the differences between Basic and Plus on the news page.

Features in the following sections that are tied to DyaconLive+ are marked with: (+).

DyaconLive Weather Station North Pole

Aviation or General Weather Modes

Most users will utilize the standard weather data dashboard mode, which is shown above.

For aviation weather users, Aviation Mode offers altimeter, density altitude, estimated cloud base, runway indication, weather forecast, and more. The page can be displayed as:

Conventional weather dashboard

Console mode for flight planning rooms

Maintenance Management System (+)

The maintenance management system allows technicians to enter their own service schedule for the various sensors. Notifications are visible at the top of the Status page. Activities can be recorded on a data entry form. Site equipment is tracked in a table at the bottom.

Read more here.

Maintenance Management System

Private and Public

Weather station managers have the option to make their weather publicly accessible or keep the data private (only accessible with a login). Private users can be added as Administrator, Manager, or Basic.

Reports (+)

DyaconLive can generate a number of reports, including:

  • Grow Degree Days
  • Irrigation Report – Including net water and evapotranspiration (ETo)
  • Fire Weather Report
  • Summary Report – General min-max type of report.

More are coming.

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Email Alerts (+)

Alerts can be set based on instrument conditions and users can specify instructions for the alert email.

DyaconLive Alarms

System Information

Monitoring the health of your remote autonomous weather station is made easier with DyaconLive Status page. Monitor solar charging, battery discharge, wireless signal strength, and other parameters in real-time.

DyaconLive Weather Station Status