Weather Stations

Designed and manufactured by Dyacon.

Practical weather stations for professional users.

Made in the USA

Dyacon sensors and weather stations are designed and manufactured in the USA. We offer the best value for industrial users. About Us »


Wind, air, soil, liquid, and solar. Sensor catalog »

Weather Stations

Easy to use professional weather stations with sophisticated capability. Wired or wireless. Preconfigured for your application.


Cell phone, WiFi, Modbus, SMS, FTP, email, and API.
Real-time data with DyaconLive and Weather Underground.


Choosing the Best Anemometer Type

There is a wide variety of methods and instruments available for measuring wind, so it can be overwhelming when deciding which one is right for your application. Read more >>

Dyacon QDT-1, Retracted Tripod Mast

Quick-Deployment Tripod

The new quick-deployment tripod, or QDT-1, is a rugged, professional solution for temporary or seasonal needs. It is lightweight, adjustable, and can be set up in a matter of seconds without any extra tools or equipment. For more information, check out the product page here.

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