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At Dyacon, we make the most practical, easy-to-use, and versatile weather stations on the market.

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Made in the USA

Dyacon sensors and weather stations are designed and manufactured in the USA. We offer the best value for industrial users. About Us »


Wind, air, soil, liquid, and solar. Sensor catalog »

Weather Stations

Easy to use. Sophisticated capability. Wired or wireless. Preconfigured for your application. Weather Stations catalog »


DyaconLive and Weather Underground are web portals for private weather stations and commercial weather services. Dyacon weather stations are fully compatible with both. Read More »



DyaconLive, a new web portal interface that provides real-time weather data, is nearly complete. Get a sneak peak at the development version here, we won’t tell anyone. 😉


We’ve been working on a new sensor, the PM-1, that measures particulates in the ambient air. This helps users to determine air quality and levels of PM2.5 in the air. Check out the Herald Journal article written about us here and our blog post here.