At Dyacon, we make the most practical, easy-to-use, and versatile weather stations on the market.

Weather Station MS-150 features


DyaconLive, the best real-time weather data portal in the business.

Aviation ExampleGeneral Example

Made in the USA

Dyacon sensors and weather stations: The best value for industrial users.


Wind, temperature, barometric pressure, soil moisture, liquid temp, infrared, humidity, WBGT, and solar.

Weather Stations

Easy to use. Sophisticated capability. Wired or wireless. Preconfigured for your application.


Cell phone, WiFi, Modbus, SMS, FTP, email, and API.
Real-time data with DyaconLive and Weather Underground.


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New Software

Light Theme, Weather Station DisplayCable-connected Weather Station Display
software for your PC.

Weather data for those in the dark.
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