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Practical, industrial weather stations for professional users.


Designed by Dyacon staff for our professional users, DyaconLive provides an ad-free weather portal to view actionable, real-time weather data.


  • General or Aviation modes
  • Private or Public Data
  • Monitor system information

DyaconLive+ (Plus)

  • Multi-user (Admin, Manager, Basic)
  • Reports: Irrigation (Et0), Fire Weather, Grow-degree Days, Summary, and more.
  • Maintenance Management System
  • Network List
  • Email alerts

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Rugged Anemometer

Modbus RTU for Industrial Applications

Our Stations In The Wild

Weather stations that users install and maintain.

Our Sensors

Options for industrial, aviation, growers, and more.


New Bird Spikes

Rain gauges catch everything, including fouling from fowl.

Protect your rain gauge from contamination with our 6″ and 8″ bird spikes.

Dyacon RGTB-525U rain gauge with optional bird spikes.
ISCO 674 Rain Gauge Bird Spikes