Weather Stations

Designed and manufactured by Dyacon.

At Dyacon, we make the most practical, easy-to-use, and versatile weather stations on the market.

Made in the USA

Dyacon sensors and weather stations are designed and manufactured in the USA. We offer the best value for industrial users. About Us »


Wind, air, soil, liquid, and solar. Sensor catalog »

Weather Stations

Easy to use professional weather stations with sophisticated capability. Wired or wireless. Preconfigured for your application.


Cell phone, WiFi, Modbus, SMS, FTP, email, and API.
Real-time data with DyaconLive and Weather Underground.

Dyacon MDL-700 with Serial Expansion Module

MDL-700 Data Logger

Purpose-built by Dyacon engineers, the MDL-700 is our response to conventional data loggers. MDL-700 leverages expandable I/O modules. The Linux platform is programmable using standard languages.

We even have open-source Python datalogger code to get you started.

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Why the MDL-700?

Data loggers are relatively esoteric devices, utilized by a narrow field of experts for industrial and research activities. The complexity and cost can be intimidating, forcing new users to explore alternatives.

Read why the MDL-700 is different.

DyaconLive is now mobile friendly.

We work on creating new features for our DyaconLive users daily. Most recently, DyaconLive became mobile-friendly! Pull out your mobile device and check it out here.

Next order of business: a one-page aviation report. Look for the announcement soon.

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