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The following is a selection of Dyacon weather stations operating in different conditions and filling different roles. If you have installed a Dyacon weather station, please send us a picture, we’d love to add it to our gallery.

Papillon Helicopters

Papillon Helicopter’s weather station is located in the heart of the Grand Canyon, facilitating flights from Las Vegas to the Colorado river. Due to the distance from the Las Vegas base, weather conditions can be dramatically different. Rather than run exploration flights to check conditions, the Dyacon station provides real-time weather data that saves the company money and reduces risk.

The user staked the weather station in sandy and rocky soil near the landing zone. Due to the location in the bottom the canyon, the cell phone signal strength is very low, but still transmits DyaconLive data, text messages, and receives over-the-air firmware updates.


Preston Community Airport

Small airports are often only served by a wind sock.

The Preston, ID airport station is installed in sandy soil using stakes to secure the tripod. The weather station uses a rain gauge, pyranometer, and soil temperature sensor which serve as a reference for the rural agricultural area. The station uploads to WeatherUnderground and MesoWest.

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STS VIP Helicopter Services

STS is a charter helicopter company in Texas, US and was one of the early users.

As can be seen from the Weather Underground page, the station operates in a high humidity environment.

With access to a machine shop, STS fabricated a beautiful and unique weather station tower near their landing pad. All of the cables are neatly routed through the welded pipe; making a very tidy installation.

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Sophisticated dairy operations can incorporate bovine temperature heat index (THI) into herd nutrition, mixing feed in order to minimize the impact of heat stress on dairy cows. The Dyacon station at this location integrates with Americor dairy management software to provide automatic and custom nutrient mixes.
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Agricultural Extension Station Network

A network of 13 Dyacon weather stations service locations across the state of Virginia. At several of the sites, the Dyacon weather stations were installed adjacent to non-functional equipment from other vendors. It was cheaper for VT to buy new equipment from Dyacon than to hire consultants to maintain the existing equipment. The Dyacon systems are simple enough to be maintained by university students from the Virginia Tech Geology department.

Renegade Fly-in Community

Renegade is a fly-in community located in western Wyoming. Nestled between high mountain ridges and surrounded by National Forest, it lacks cell phone coverage and has minimal road access.

The Dyacon weather station is located mid-field on the runway. The weather station uses a WiFi transceiver to send real-time weather data through HughesNet satellite modem. The modem serves the broadband needs of the community, including VOIP.

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Mammoth Water District

In order to monitor hydrological conditions, a water district in California installed a Dyacon weather station with a heated rain gauge at a mountain well site.

The heater in the rain gauge turns on only when needed.

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TW Daniels Forest

At the top of the beautiful Cache National Forest above Logan, UT is a little plot reserved for forest and hydrology research. The Dyacon tripod is staked to the ground and configured with double-length legs to keep the controller out of the snow and to stress of the tripod construction. The location sees continuous winds, which blow from nearly the same direction as well as frequent gusts up to 60 mph.

The consistent wind direction could cause abnormal potentiometer wear on most wind direction sensors, but Dyacon WSD-1 uses a non-contact angular sensor.

Oysterville, Washington

Working in conjunction with Oregon State University coastal geomorphologist Nick Cohn, Dyacon installed an MS-140 weather station directly on the beach in Long Beach, Washington. The station was deployed for nine months as part of the Aeolian Sediment Transport and Coastal Dune Evolution project measuring sediment transport on the ocean floor, beach, and dunes.

This installation was unique for Dyacon and the first experience in a coastal environment. Due to permit restrictions, the tripod could not be permanently anchored so we used Dyacon Sand and Snow Plates. These were buried about 6 inches in the sand and two stakes used on each foot. The tripod held firm throughout the winter and was removed at the conclusion of the study.

Texas Industrial Site

In order to monitor industrial safety and asset exposure, a mining company in El Paso, TX installed a Dyacon weather station.
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