About Us - Dyacon

Our History

Dyacon, Inc. was established in October 2007 in beautiful northern Utah, USA, to continue the Wescor rugged computer product line. The computer products can now be found at ControlTrac.com.

In 2012, Dyacon introduced a new line of weather instruments. These products benefit from the Dyacon team’s extensive experience in rugged electronic design and cost-effective value. Features in Dyacon weather stations are unique to the industry.

Providing the most accurate, practical, and durable weather instrumentation possible, Dyacon weather instruments continue to be a great value and easily usable.

Our Values

Dyacon fosters an open and collaborative professional atmosphere by encouraging employee participation at all levels of the company. Accountability and responsibility are essential, and employees are expected and empowered to give their best effort.

As a small manufacturer, Dyacon regularly incorporates cross-functional responsibilities, and all employees fill multiple roles to the extent that their skills and expertise allow. This hands-on approach facilitates customers’ needs being met efficiently and effectively, as well as Dyacon’s continued success in providing prime weather instrumentation products and customer care.