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Our History

Dyacon, Inc. was established in October 2007 in beautiful northern Utah, USA, to build commercial vehicle tracking computers.

In 2012, Dyacon began development of a line of weather instruments. These products benefit from the Dyacon team’s extensive experience in rugged electronic design and cost-effective value. The features that Dyacon weather stations provide are unique to the industry.

The Dyacon Difference

Unlike other weather station providers that use third-party sensors, we design and manufacture most of our sensors, weather station controller (data logger), and weather data web portal in order to provide tight integration for industrial and commercial users.

Some datalogger-based weather stations require extensive technical background to program, install, and maintain. Dyacon equipment can be configured and installed by those with typical “wire-twister” skills. Most industrial technicians can easily handle the task, thus reducing total system cost and eliminating the need for outside consultants.

Our working motto is: if you can install a light switch and program the time on a microwave oven, then you can install a Dyacon weather station.

Stations are shipped pre-configured, allowing new stations to be up and operational in less than an hour. We provide plug-and-play capability with industrial flexibility; the embedded cell phone or WiFi capability and Modbus port eliminate expensive satellite links, server programs, while minimizing IT support.

Our Values

We like individuals with an entrepreneurial background. Dyacon fosters an open and collaborative professional atmosphere by encouraging employee participation at all levels of the company. Accountability and responsibility are essential, and employees are expected and empowered to give their best effort.

As a small manufacturer, Dyacon regularly incorporates cross-functional responsibilities, and all employees fill multiple roles to the extent that their skills and expertise allow. This hands-on approach ensures that customers’ needs are met efficiently and effectively, as well as Dyacon’s continued success in providing prime weather instrumentation products and customer care.