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Stevens Water Monitoring Expands Portfolio with Dyacon Acquisition

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On May 15, 2024, Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. (“Stevens”) completed the acquisition of Dyacon weather instrument products. With expertise in environmental data acquisition technologies and software platforms for water resources, soil sciences, and agronomy management, Stevens is pleased to welcome Dyacon into its portfolio. Dyacon’s offerings will complement Stevens’ existing products in meteorological applications for research, golf/sports turf, climatological monitoring, agriculture, fire weather monitoring, and emerging small airport opportunities.

In 2012, Dyacon initiated developing a series of durable weather instruments, incorporating advanced sensors and a weather station controller with data logging capabilities. This initiative also included the creation of a weather data web portal, accessible at ““, catering to the needs of industrial, agriculture, small airports, and commercial users. Additionally, Dyacon’s design philosophy prioritized easy installation and operation, with a user-friendly approach exemplified by the motto: “if you can install a light switch and program a microwave oven, you can install a Dyacon weather station”.

Scott South, President of Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, stated, “We look forward with great enthusiasm the integration of Dyacon’s customers and product line into the Stevens family. This strategic decision aligns with our mission to provide early warning solutions, quality meteorological, and environmental hydrology monitoring systems. We are excited about the potential opportunities that this acquisition will bring as we incorporate Dyacon into our operations. We highly value our relationship with Eugene Bodrero, President of Dyacon, and his team, who will continue to provide support as needed. The manufacturing of Dyacon’s instruments and software will be relocated to Portland, Oregon.”

Stevens is committed to serving Dyacon’s customers and upholding the strong reputation of Dyacon meteorological systems and applications.  Stevens anticipates a seamless transition in the upcoming months.  With Eugene Bodrero, President of Dyacon, and his team consulting, Stevens will provide support ensuring Dyacon’s customers will continue to experience the service and care they deserve.  Specific customer concerns and questions can now be communicated with the Steven’s team, located in Portland, OR by emailing at or calling 435-753-1002.

Stevens specializes in the manufacturing and integration of high-quality sensors, data acquisition equipment, and cloud-based software solutions. Our innovative solutions provide valuable insights into water resources, soil conditions, and weather patterns. We design our advanced solutions to seamlessly integrate with a variety of sensors and data acquisition systems, with the goal of improving the management, visual insights, and optimization of water resources, agriculture, golf courses, sports turfs, and other environmental and energy management applications. Stevens ( owns SoilMoisture Equipment Corp (, POGO Turfpro (, and now Dyacon (