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Many weather stations are based on general-purpose environmental dataloggers. These installations can become extremely complex, requiring application engineers to write custom programs, install the equipment, and perform maintenance tasks. For the budget-conscious industrial or private user, the financial burden is well outside of consideration. The time frame required for an “exclusive” reseller to schedule the programming and installation can also be prohibitive. In the end, you end up with a weather station that you don’t understand and cannot change or maintain.

Datalogger Rats Nest
Dyacon Simplicity
Dyacon weather stations can be configured and installed by those with typical “wire-twister” skills. Most industrial technicians can easily handle the task. In the end, the technician comes out looking like a hero when anyone in the company can pull up the data using a web browser.

Our working motto is, if you can install a light switch and program the time on a microwave oven, then you can install a Dyacon weather station.

Dyacon weather stations are shipped pre-configured, allowing new stations to be up and operating in less than an hour. The embedded cell phone makes the weather data ultimately accessible, no satellite links, expensive download programs, or funky antennas.

An another way we can simplify the systems even further is to build the stations with weather-proof connectors. This allows sensors to be plugged into circular connections rather than fishing them in to our standard pluggable terminal blocks. The water-proof connector option may be required when stations will be moved frequently.

Dyacon weather stations: For the non-engineer.

Oh… For those spreadsheet geeks: Yes, our stations do datalogging as well. And, we can send the log directly to your email or ftp server.


PS: Some datalogger-based weather stations hide all the wiring in channels and behind back plates. While this makes for a cleaner looking installation, it can make service more difficult.