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Preconfigured Industrial Weather Stations


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MS-140 for Industrial Use

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Knowing your local weather conditions can improve operational management, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Real‑time, local weather instruments may be required in certain industrial applications, for example: process control, worker safety, incident response in order to monitor environmental temperature, worker exposure, wind loads, and precipitation volume. HVAC in large facilities may also integrate “weather” instruments in order to anticipate changing demand.

Useful as both private and commercial weather stations, Dyacon user applications include:

  • Waste management for odor monitoring and mitigation
  • HVAC control input
  • Worker heat stress monitor
  • Waste water retention compliance
  • Oil well wind monitoring
  • Road weather condition management
  • Refinery weather monitor
  • Radar test facility weather condition recording
  • Black-site outdoor condition console
  • Industrial (bridge and ship) coating weather condition input and record
  • … and more.

Dyacon sales engineers are available to discuss your weather monitoring and equipment interface needs.

We at Papillon Airways, Inc. are very happy with the Dyacon weather station. It has ... greatly improved our ability to anticipate the need to stop operations. We have had fewer interruptions to our operations since installing the weather station.

Papillon Grand Canyon HelicoptersBurl Boyd

We are very impressed with the reliability of the unit. All in all this has been a very good investment. Papillon highly recommends the Dyacon Weather Station and their superb support.

Papillon Grand Canyon HelicoptersBurl Boyd

Despite the harsh conditions of the Washington coast, including high wind speeds and the corrosive effects of salt spray, the Dyacon system performed well throughout the year long study.

Oregon State UniversityNick Cohn

Preconfigured for Industrial Uses

Dyacon weather stations are high-value weather instruments designed specifically for industrial applications. Made in the USA, Dyacon sensors and weather stations utilize Modbus RS‑485, integrated cell phone or WiFi, and a real-time web portal to provide multiple options for integration and data access.


  • Solar Power
  • Data Logging
  • Modbus Cable Connection
  • Embedded Cell Phone
  • DyaconLive Webportal
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Real-time Gust Detection
  • Air Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Relative Humidity
  • Soil Moisture
  • Solar Sensor

(If you don’t need a full weather station, Dyacon wind sensor and temp/pressure/humidity sensor are Modbus RTU devices. These sensors can be powered by 5 VDC to 24 VDC, allowing for direct connection to PLC, SCADA, BAS, and other automated systems.)

When combined with a Dyacon tripod, Dyacon weather stations are also portable, which allows you to relocate them easily for best performance or facility changes.