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DyaconLive is an access-controlled weather station web portal for Dyacon weather stations. It shows real-time conditions, log charts, and local weather forecast. System status, alert emails, maintenance management system, specialized reports, and operational information are also available.

Quick-Read Summary

We are updating DyaconLive and segmenting it into a free, basic version and an advanced, paid version. DyaconLivePlus(+) will only be $2 per month for those using DyaconLive with a Dyacon cell phone service. Those uploading through secondary measures will also have access to DyaconLivePlus for $7 per month.

The Proposition

Over the years, we have invested tremendous resources into building a useful web portal for professional users. One of the challenges in business is knowing when to release a new product and at what price.

It’s now time for the delicate dance of segmenting DyaconLive into a Basic (free) version and a Plus version. If we do this right (and with your input), most users may not notice any difference. Our hope is that the more sophisticated features of DyaconLivePlus provide sufficient value to justify the minimal price increase.

The following is the proposal to be effective for the next billing cycle.

  • Cell phone with basic DyaconLive will remain unchanged at $23/mo
  • Cell phone with DyaconLivePlus will increase slightly to $25/mo
  • Secondary upload with DyaconLivePlus will be $7/mo.

These changes will help support the maintenance and ongoing DyaconLive service.

Compare DyaconLive and DyaconLivePlus

The following feature table compares the two versions. In general, most users of a single station will have the same functionality they are accustomed to. Users with 10 weather stations or more that are using cell phone connectivity and users of the white-label will not see a change.

Feature Basic Plus
Instrument Dashboard X X
Historic Data Charts X X
Aviation Mode X X
Aviation Console X X
Admin Login X X
Public Access Link(s) X X
Website Widgets X X
Daily Email Summary X (Admin only) X
Local Weather Forecast X X
User Administration
Admin User Login X (only 1) X (only 1)
Manager User Login(s) X (multiple)
Basic User Login(s) X (multiple)
Data Page
Raw Data Download X X
Daily Weather Statistics X
General Report X
Fire Weather Report X
Grower’s Report (Grow-degree Days) X
Irrigation Report (Evapotranspiration) X
Open-water Evaporation Report*** X
Status Page
Equipment Summary Table X X
Battery and Power Status Chart X X
Communication Status Chart X X
Maintenance Management System X
Equipment Inventory X
Service Log X
Settings Page
Page Hit Counter X X
Hardware Settings X X
Public Link X X
Customizable Name X X
Lat-Lon/Map X X
Station Type (Ag, Aviation, Basic Met) X X
Custom Analog X X
Customizable Units X X
Alert Emails X
Other Features
Daily Automated Data Quality Scan X X
Data Resolution* 10 min Up to 1 min
Data Retention 2 year No Expiration**
Data Forwarding X
Network List X
White-label Network Page Setup + Annual fee

* Resolution may not be limited until Jan 2024.

** Data archiving may cause some access delays.

*** To be implemented in 2023.

Transition to DyaconLivePlus

To minimize the disruption to our customers, DyaconLivePlus will transition over several months.

We welcome any feedback. Our intent is to balance user needs with Dyacon needs in a way that is mutually beneficial.

November 2022

DyaconLive and DyaconLivePlus will be activated.

Weather stations with cell phone service purchased through Dyacon will move to DyaconLivePlus.

Weather stations that upload to DyaconLive through secondary methods AND that have only one user, will be moved to DyaconLive (Basic). This category represents most users.

Stations using secondary upload methods that have more than one user will be handled individually. The administrators will be contacted and given the option.

January 2023

Annual billing will differentiate the three options

1- Cell phone with basic DyaconLive $23/mo

2- Cell phone with DyaconLivePlus at $25/mo

3- Secondary upload with DyaconLivePlus at $7/mo.

Previous users that were billed for cell phone service and data forwarding will be converted to the DyaconLive+ service, reducing their total cost.

February 2023

Final account configuration for DyaconLive and DyaconLivePlus users.

March 2023

Addition of open-water evaporation report. (Affecting DyaconLivePlus)

May 2023

Implementation of Data Retention and Data Resolution limits. (Affecting only DyaconLive basic users.)


Segmenting the DyaconLive weather station web portal will take some time. We appreciate your patience as we update the site and related information. We will try to make the transition as seamless as possible and maximize the value for all parties.

If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, please contact me.

— Eugene


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