Modular Data Logger MDL-700TM

• *** Web GUI coming in Jan 2021 ***
• Linux operating system
• Fully programmable with Python, C, C++
• Standard Ethernet, USB device, USB host
• OLED display
• Integrated wireless options
• Expandable instrument inputs (see below)
• Expandable with solar charge controller (see below)
• Expandable with control output options (see below)

No cell phone or GNSS: $795

With Verizon LTE and GNSS: $995

With Global GSM/HSPA and GNSS: $995

Serial port expansion module shown in images is purchased separately.

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MDL-700 Description

MDL-700™ is a programmable data logger with a Linux* operating system.

MDL-700 is purpose-built by Dyacon engineers for environmental and site monitoring applications. System architecture is tuned to the unique needs of remote data collection and control, low power, PC-like I/O, and expandable sensor input and control options.

The open-source operating system allows software developers to utilize familiar programming tools and data interfaces in order to create a custom solution in a short time. Programmers can build applications on their desktop or directly on MDL using Python, C, or C++.

The expandability and programmability of MDL data logger make for an exceptionally versatile system that can be adapted to a broad range of applications. Data connectivity via FTP, MQTT, email, web server, and more are only limited by the needs of the application and creativity of the programmer.

Those migrating from hobby boards will appreciate the integrated system, including display, hardened electronics, and industrial connectors.

*Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Tux the Penguin was created by Larry Ewing.

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MDL-700™ may be programmed to monitor a range of sensors and control outputs using available expansion boards. This makes the system exceptionally adaptable for:

  • Environmental research
  • Remote site monitoring
  • Remote command and control
  • Process automation
  • Equipment testing


Data Sheet

MDL-700 Preliminary Data Sheet

Product Manual

MDL-700 Product Manual, Preliminary

Key Features


MDL-700™ uses a solid aluminum base with provisions for both wall and DIN rail mounting.


Ethernet uses standard 8-pin modular connector. Standard Type-A and B connectors are used for USB host and device connections.


Environmental data logger applications imply unique input requirements for measurement needs. MDL-700 accommodates a diversity of applications with modular construction. Researchers and sophisticated industrial users can add I/O boards to the base module. Expansion boards may be attached to the left or right sides.

Left side board include power input and control output options.

Right side expansion modules add sensor inputs and low-current control output.