Modular Data Logger Series MDL-700TM

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MDL-700TM is a programmable data logger, or better yet, a programmable field computer.

MDL-700 is a Linux computer, purpose-built by Dyacon engineers. Unlike off-the-shelf single-board computers, MDL-700 natively includes the specialized I/O required for environmental and site monitoring applications. Processor and memory are also tuned to the unique needs of remote data collection and control.

The open-source operating system allows software developers to utilize familiar programming tools and data interfaces in order to create a custom solution in a short time. Program in Python or C.

Those migrating from “fruity” hobby boards will appreciate the power and flexibility of a full Linux OS and industrial connectors.

MDL-700 is provided by a custom configured ARM GNU cross compiler allowing the programmer to build applications on their Linux desktop with ease. MDL-700 can also use common command line scripting.


MDL-700 may be programmed to monitor a range of sensors and control outputs using available expansion boards. This makes the system adaptable for:

Environmental research
Remote site monitoring
Remote command and control
Process automation


Environmental data logger applications imply unique measurement needs. MDL-700 accommodates a diversity of applications with modular construction; researchers and sophisticated industrial users can add I/O boards to the base module.

Users can add analog and digital expansion boards to meet unique requirements.

Preconfigured models are available to meet the needs of typical applications. For example:

MDL-704 – Base MDL, Std Expansion Board, Verizon LTE

MDL-710 – Base MDL, Combination expansion board, Verizion LTE (Emulates Dyacon CM-1 weather station controller.)