Aspirated Radiation Shield


Aspirated Radiation Shield, RADShield-2™ minimizes the effects of solar heating on air temperature sensors. Heated air is drawn away from the temperature sensor and discharged at the other end of the mounting pipe.

This product includes the fan and shield, but does not include the sensor.

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Aspirated Radiation Shield, RADShield-2™ integrated fan minimizes the effects of solar heating when wind speeds are low. RADShield-2 can be used for weather instruments or indoor applications, such as HVAC, greenhouse controls, or monitoring of production environments.

Other aspiration systems discharge the air out of the top of the sensor, leading to a risk of recirculating the same air. RADShield-2 uses the mounting pipe as a duct to exhaust the air away from the sensing elements.

RADShield-2 may be used with your own sensors or as an upgrade for Dyacon TPH-1 and TPH-2 sensors. When used with Dyacon control modules on MS-100 series weather stations, RADShield-2 utilizes Smart-Fan™ technology to run the fan only when solar input is detected. This allows the aspirator to run efficiently on solar powered stations.

Feature Summary

  • 12 VDC power (24 VDC option)
  • Ball-bearing, brushless fan
  • 7800 rpm, 9 CFM
  • Smart-Fan™ (Dyacon control module required.)

Please note that this is a radiation shield only and does not include a sensor. Refer to TPH-1 for Dyacon sensors that include the radiation shield and sensor.

Manuals & Software


RADShield-2 Data Sheet

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