USB to Modbus-RTU


USB to Modbus-RTU Converter for use with Dyacon WSD and TPH sensors and Dyacon weather station controllers.

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USB to RS485 Converter has two applications for Dyacon equipment, 1) sensor configuration and 2) control module interface.

  1. The converter provides power and data connections to Dyacon WSD and TPH sensors. This may be useful for sensor testing and troubleshooting and firmware updates. In cases where the Dyacon sensors will connect to other devices, it may be easier to use the Dyacon utilities to set the address and baudrate than to use the Modbus registers.The cable assembly includes the connectors so that sensors can be connected directly to the converter.No power adapters, development tools, expensive connectors, or advance programming degree required for sensor configuration.The Modbus utility is under the Docs & Support table for each of the sensors.
  2. USB to RS485 Converter is also used to connect a Dyacon weather station to a Windows PC for use with Weather Station Display software, WeeWx, and other programs.

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