Weather Station Control Module and Datalogger


CM‑1BTM Weather station control module integrates all weather station hardware into a single circuit board including datalogger, solar charge controller, and embedded cell phone. CM‑1B is an easy-to-use professional weather station controller used for all Dyacon weather stations.

CM-1B is included with all Dyacon MS-100™ pre-configured weather stations.

The “B” revision updates the field-proven CM-1 with a new circuit board design, new enclosure, new brackets, a new enclosure, and improved firmware.




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CM‑1TM Weather station controller and datalogger is included in all Dyacon pre-configured weather stations.

CM‑1 is integrates the sensor interfaces, LCD user interface, non-volatile logging memory, cell phone or WiFi (wireless versions), solar charge controller, USB device port, Modbus inputs, and Modbus output. CM-1 is compatible with a range of sensors for typical weather station applications.*

CM‑1 is available in two principle variations, cabled and wireless.
1) The cabled weather station is powered by 12 VDC to 24 VDC. Data is available through the Modbus slave port or data log. The data log is downloadable through the USB port using a Windows PC with the free Dyacon Control Module Utility.

2) The wireless weather station is a fully autonomous weather station (AWS) and includes solar power module, battery, and embedded cell phone or 2.4 GHz WiFi. In addition to the above features in the cabled version, data is also available through DyaconLive™, SMS text message reports, email, ftp, and Weather Underground.

Mounting hardware is included for both pole and flat surface structures.

CM‑1 is a dedicated weather station controller, it does NOT require programming. In fact, very little technical knowledge is required. If you can install a light switch or set the time on a microwave oven, you have the skills to setup, configure, and maintain a Dyacon weather station.

Base Features (Cabled Version)

  • 2 x 24-bit analog inputs
  • Counter input
  • Modbus host
  • Modbus slave
  • LCD user interface
  • Free configuration utility
  • USB device port for configuration
  • Data Logging
  • Smart‑FanTM output

Wireless Version Adds…

  • DyaconLive™ upload
  • Embedded cell phone or WiFi
  • Integrated solar charge controller
  • Solar (PV) panel and mounting brackets
  • Long-life 7.2 Ah VRSLA battery

*Refer to the Data Sheet for a complete list of compatible sensors.
**Cellular phone data plan is required for wireless version.

Key Features


CM‑1TM is an integrated meteorological station control module housed in a sealed enclosure. The controller may be mounted on a pole or flat surface.

Sensor Compatibility

CM‑1 was designed to be fully compatible with the following Dyacon sensors:

Dyacon WSD-1 digital (Modbus) wind sensor

Dyacon TPH-1 temperature-pressure-humidity sensor

Analog sensors (thermistor, pyranometer, soil moisture)

Rain gauge (0.01″ or 0.2 mm)

… and more.

Analog Inputs

Two analog channels provide 24‑bit resolution. Analog ports can be used with thermistors, pyranometers, soil moisture sensor, and other analog sensors compatible with a 2.5 V reference.

Modbus Sensors

Power and data are supplied through a 4‑wire connection to the temp-pressure-humidty (TPH‑1) and wind (WSD‑1) sensors .

Rain Gauge – Counter Input

CM‑1 is compatible with tipping bucket rain gauges that use a reed switch indicator. The rain gauge input can be configured for any gauge calibration, including 0.01″, 0.1 mm, and 0.2 mm rain gauges.


To minimize the effects of solar heating on the air sensor, CM‑1 includes an aspiration (fan) output that is compatible with the aspirator upgrade kit, which can be added to any weather station.


Machined aluminum brackets are included for pole or surface mounting. The included band clamps can accommodate pipe sizes from 3/4″ to 3″.


Tripod‑1 provides a versatile and secure platform for mounting CM‑1 and the related weather sensors.