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MDL-700TM is purpose-built by Dyacon engineers and natively includes specialized I/O required for environmental and site monitoring applications. System architecture is tuned to the unique needs of remote data collection and control.

The open-source operating system allows software developers to utilize familiar programming tools and data interfaces in order to create a custom solution in a short time. Programmers can build applications on their desktop or directly on MDL using Python, C, or C++.

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Serial Expansion Module

Sensor expansion module can handle up to eight digital sensor connections.

Up to 16 ports can be supported by adding two modules on the sensor input (right) side of MDL-700.

  • Eight serial ports
  • Standard Linux serial port access
  • Individually software selectable as RS-232 or RS-485
  • Software controlled bias and termination resistors
  • SDI-12 compatible ports
  • Regulated 12.6 V power on each port
  • Application accessible system current and voltage values
  • Discrete pluggable terminal connectors for each sensor


ControlTrac computers are specifically designed for enterprise-grade fleet services integrators; combing application-specific I/O, communications, and processing capability in a rugged, compact package.

The CT-650 is a single board computer that uses Dyacon’s own build of the Linux operating system for the unique hardware features of this compact and rugged computer. The opensource operating system allows software developers to utilize familiar programming tools, such as an ARM GNU cross compiler for the development of their final product. CT-650 also includes common command line scripting capability.

In the Works

Mixed Signal Input

EMMS-6™ is a general-purpose expansion module for MDL-700 that gives users a combination of sensor input options. EMMS-6 may be used for applications requiring a range of inputs, such as the variety of sensors use in meteorological stations.

  • RS-485 port with 6 connectors
  • SDI-12 port
  • 2x Pulse counters
  • Frequency input
  • 4x Analog inputs

Like other MDL sensor inputs, RS-485, SDI-12, and Analog input include power supply pins, reducing the rats nest of wires that occurs on other data logger solutions.

Analog Expansion Module

EMA-8™ 8-port analog to digital converter for MDL-700.

Each port includes 11.6 VDC regulated supply and +4 VDC reference as well as single-ended, 24-bit analog input.

Power and Control Expansion Modules

Power conditioning and control output functions are added on the power (left) side of MDL-700. Watch for the following to be released in the coming months.

Solar Change Controller – Maximum Power-point Tracking 24 V Input

Relay Output – 4x Relays, 120 VAC/48 VDC

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