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Preconfigured Wildfire Weather Stations


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MS-1xx for Wildfire Management

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Fighting fires is dangerous and having accurate, accessible weather information can make a world of difference.

Whether for the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, or a state forest, fighting fires is dangerous. Smokejumpers and hotshot crews take risks every time a fire is carelessly put out, lightning hits just right, or the weather conditions are the perfect mix of hot and dry. In every imaginable way, ambient weather conditions are pivotal for success. Having information readily available can make a world of difference.

While regional forecasts have their place, we’re here to offer a better alternative. With a weather station configured to your specific needs, you can rest easy knowing that the information you’re receiving is current, accurate, and relevant.

Many weather stations utilize general-purpose environmental data loggers. While these are adequate for their application, users soon find that these installations can become extremely complex, requiring application engineers to write custom programs, install the equipment, and perform maintenance tasks. For the budget-conscious industrial or private user, the financial burden is well outside of consideration. In the end, you’re stuck with a weather station that you don’t understand and cannot change or maintain. At Dyacon, we have customizable reliable stations- and we’ll give them to you with the best of both worlds; quality and affordability.

We at Papillon Airways, Inc. are very happy with the Dyacon weather station. It has ... greatly improved our ability to anticipate the need to stop operations. We have had fewer interruptions to our operations since installing the weather station.

Papillon Grand Canyon HelicoptersBurl Boyd

We are very impressed with the reliability of the unit. All in all this has been a very good investment. Papillon highly recommends the Dyacon Weather Station and their superb support.

Papillon Grand Canyon HelicoptersBurl Boyd

Despite the harsh conditions of the Washington coast, including high wind speeds and the corrosive effects of salt spray, the Dyacon system performed well throughout the year long study.

Oregon State UniversityNick Cohn

Preconfigured for Wildfire

The MS-100 series has a range of gauges to meet any specific needs. Starting with the MS-120 and ending with the MS-150,  the sensors included measure wind speeds, air temperature and pressure, humidity levels, soil temperature and moisture, and rain levels.

All MS-100 weather stations come with an assembly of components including cellphone capability. After being installed, the MS-1XX begins to send weather reports and alarms strait to the users cell phone in the form of SMS. Alerts can be sent for temperatures outside a designated range, lightning, changing wind speeds, wind gusts, and other conditions. The user needs only to send a text command to receive updated information. The best part? No additional software, websites, or computer programs are required.

All Dyacon weather stations were designed to be easily and efficiently set up and maintained. When combined with a Dyacon tripod, Dyacon weather stations are also portable, which allows you to relocate them easily for best performance or changes in the needs of your facility. From box to fully configured takes less an hour for the basic wire twister- no technician is required.


  • 12-24 VDC Power
  • Autonomous Data Logging
  • Modbus Cable Connection
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Real-time Gust Detection
  • Air Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Relative Humidity
  • Rainfall Data
  • Soil-Temperature and Moisture
  • Solar Sensor

The MS-100 series all contain standard Dyacon communication features including Modbus, USB configuration, and Weather Underground compatibility. Data logging is built in to all Dyacon weather stations as well.