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Staff List (just for fun)

We appreciate the hard work of our Dyacon key staff members: Eugene Bodrero, Eric John, Chris Cox, and JuneLyn Little.

Eugene started this mock staff list a few years ago and we thought you might enjoy it as much as our office has! If you have any suggested additions, we’d love to hear them.

Staff Hydrologist

Fallon Waters, PhD

Waste Water Scientist

Foe Ming Lakes, PhD

Innovation Specialist

Ben Dunn

Retirement Consultant

Emma T. Nester, CPC

Staff Party Planner

Marian Breit

Project Manager

R. Hue Dunn, PMP

Inventory Clerk

Given Putz Bach

Accounts Receivable Manager

Bill Moore

Product Photographer

Holden Stihl

Staff Harassment Investigator

Phil Ander

Anemometer Designer

Spinner Roundy, PE

Temperature Measurement Engineer

Ken Ned Dick

Metal Coating Expert

Anna D. Eiser

ESD Control Specialist

Dinky Sparks

Efficiency Specialist

Les S. Moore

Production Manager

Werken R. Derr

Visual Flight Condition Researcher

Misty Aires

Telephone Hold Music DJ

Collin Waite


More to come

Self-esteem Counselor

Hue Briss