Electronic Product Assembly Technician ** Filled **

** This job was filled in October 2020. But, if you’re interested in working for Dyacon, please let us know. **


Candidate will work autonomously in the assembly of electronic products. Job tasks include:

  • Cable assembly

  • Mechanical inspection and assembly

  • Electrical soldering

  • Product assembly

  • Product configuration and testing

Technicians will use computers, and standard electronic test equipment at various stages during assembly and service.

Strong mechanical aptitude is required. Technicians will use hand tools and will assemble small parts with unaided eyes.

Dyacon is a small business environment. Good initiative, efficiency, and autonomous work ability is necessary.

Job responsibilities will expand as competency is demonstrated. There are many opportunities to apply skills in a professional work environment, including electronic design, embedded firmware, PC software, web development, and mechanical design.

Dyacon is a relaxed work environment, close to USU campus, and allows flexible work hours.

This is an ongoing position.

Please send us a résumé.