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Sales Lead

Take what you might think about selling and stick it in the trash. Weather station and instrument sales is not like door-to-door sales, care sales, or insurance sales. So, if you are an aggressive, “motivated,” professional salesperson that likes to close “deals,” you’re probably not a fit.

Technical, B2B sales it is about curiosity, exploration, investigation, learning, networking, and building rapport with leads and customers. In fact, it might share more in common with investigative journalism than anything else. Sales engineer might be the best description. You need to be comfortable initiating phone conversations, writing emails, reading technical documents, and humble enough to learn from leads and co-workers.

You’ll need to respect your boundaries of ignorance and be open to involve other staff members before you make fools of all of us. You can’t fake it. Our customers are specialists in their fields, and we need to let them teach us before we can offer a suitable solution.

Since you are a team member in the sales process, there is no commission. You’ll also be expected to wear a few hats and explore your skills, contributing wherever there is a need.

So, if you like a diverse job, are friendly, and like to learn new stuff, we’d love to show you around and see what you think. No sales experience required.

Please send us a résumé.