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Weather is many things. It is local – where you are, not what’s happening at the nearest airport. Weather is also fascinating. It’s ever-changing, and it affects everyone. That being said, most people are content to get their weather news from TV or the newspaper. However, being able to take one’s own measurements is far more interesting and satisfying.

While nailing a sensor to the side of your house might be a fast and easy way to go, legitimate wind and temperature measurements cannot be collected this way. (Long-term data require sensors that last more than a couple of years.) Similarly, department store weather stations might be convenient and cheap, but you get what you pay for. On the other hand, scientific data loggers might seem accurate, but they can be overwhelmingly sophisticated, complex, and costly.

The question, then, is if good quality weather equipment exists that does not require the writing of computer code or a complex engineering background? The answer? Absolutely.


Dyacon weather stations are preconfigured automatic weather stations that fit the bill: they are high quality, of solid construction (made in the USA), and a clear cut above the department store options.

Dyacon instruments are high-end sensing elements, but they are specifically designed to minimize cost while providing an easy-to-use system. Upon receiving your weather station shipment, you need merely to mount the components and turn on the power to start receiving weather reports through text messages to your phone.

The Dyacon Private Weather Station (PWS) is based on a Dyacon solar-powered met station and includes a wind sensor and an air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensor. Rain gauge and data logging are added to round out the instruments. A solar sensor, lightning detection, and temperature probe are optional.

Features such as data logging, Weather Underground connectivity, and custom sensors can all be configured using the LCD menu or through the USB port. No programming languages, development environment, or additional software purchase is required for you to be able to utilize your weather station.

When mounted onto a Dyacon equipment tripod, your weather station can be relocated as necessary. The Dyacon tripod provides a stable base anywhere, be it in your backyard or at the summer home.

Ready-made Private Weather Station

Met Station MS‑150
Solar powered with embedded cell phone.

  • Wind sensor
  • Temperature, air pressure, humidity sensor
  • Solar sensor
  • Rain gauge
  • Data logging
  • Weather Underground connectivity

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