Bird Spikes


BS-6™ and BS-8™ rain gauge bird spikes are for Dyacon RGTB-525 and ISCO 674.

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BS-6™ bird spikes are designed fit Dyacon RGTB-525, a 6 inch (15 cm) diameter rain gauge. BS-8™ is for the larger RGTB-525U, an 8 inch diameter rain gauge. BS-8 fits perfectly on the ISCO 674 rain gauge.

Rain gauges are designed to catch anything that drops into them. Depending on the location, birds can foul a rain gauge and cause inaccurate rain measurements. BS-6 and BS-8 will reduce the potential impact of rain gauge contamination from birds.

Feature Summary

  • Fits Dyacon RGTB-525 and Texas Electronics TB-525 (6″), TB-525U (8″) and ISCO 674 rain gauges.
  • Easy to install.
  • No-fade gold anodizing.


BS-6™ and BS-8™ bird spikes are constructed of 0.32″ thick 5052 aluminum.

Gold anodized.

Tongue-in-groove construction ensures sufficient tension can be applied to minimize slippage.

Stainless steel screw and wing nut.

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