Compact Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges


RGTB‑525i™ and RGTB‑525U™ are practical, high-value tipping bucket rain gauge, balancing performance with compact size and ruggedness. The RGTB‑525i has a 6″ diameter (15 cm) orifice. RGTB‑525U has an 8″ (20 cm) orifice. Both have a standard 0.01″ resolution (per tip). Dyacon provides a unique mounting bracket pipe, post, and flat surfaces.

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RGTB-525i™ is a practical, high-value tipping bucket rain gauge with a 6 inch (15 cm) orifice. RTBT-525U™ is the 8 inch (20 cm) variant. These two rain gauges are made in the US by Texas Electronics and balance performance with compact size and ruggedness. Dyacon adds it’s own versatile mounting bracket that can be used for mounting the rain gauges directly to any pipe, post, or flat surface, including directly onto the Dyacon tripod.

Like other tipping bucket rain gauges, RGTB-525’s use a high-reliability reed switch, that closes momentarily with each tip.

Feature Summary

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RBTB-525i Data SheetRBTB-525 Manual
  • 6” (152 mm) orifice or 8″ (20.32 mm) orifice
  • Tipping bucket mechanism
  • Large debris screen
  • Easy to service
  • Reed switch tip detection
  • Integrated bullseye level
  • Versatile Dyacon mounting system
  • Powder-coated aluminum body
  • Made in US

Key Features

Exterior Construction

Powder-coated aluminum.
Top is easily removable for installation and maintenance

Tipping Bucket

Injection molded black polypropylene promotes water shedding.
Polished stainless steel shaft is suspended in machined brass pivots.


Dyacon uses an outdoor-rated cable with PVC jacket.

Data Connection

Each bucket tip momentarily closes a reed switch, indicating one incremental step of the gauge resolution.


RGTB-525’s includes an integrated bubble level and a Dyacon-designed, tilt-and-pivot mounting system with both clamp and lock screws for a rigid and redundant adjustment system. The design allows for placement on any pipe, post, as well as flat surfaces.


Orifice/Collector6.06 inch (15.4 mm) 200 mm
ResolutionOne tip per 0.01”
Accuracy1% at 0 to 2 inches/hr (o-50 mm/hr)
Resolution Options0.2 mm and 0.01” (standard)

Operating Humidity0% to 100% RH
Operating Temperature0°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to 70°C

Switch Characteristics135 ms switch closure 0.75 ms debounce time 2 A max @ 30 VDC
Wire Connection2-position screw terminal strip
Cable10 feet (3 m) 2-conductor, 20 AWG, PVC Jacket, Xtraguard outdoor cable

BodyInjection-molded ABS or Polypropylene
Mounting SystemAnodized aluminum
Stainless steel band-clamp and screws
3x 0.2 inch (5.1 mm) screw holes
Orifice Debris ScreenPerforated and anodized
aluminum with retaining clip.
Tipping PivotsBrass
Weight525i - 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg) 4 lbs ship weight
DimensionsAs Shipped, including mounting system:
525i - 12 x 7.5 x 7 inches (30 x 19 x 18 cm)

AccessoriesBird spikes are available.