Sand and Snow Tripod Plates


Sand and Snow Tripod PlatesTM is an accessory for the Dyacon Tripod-1 designed to make installation on snowy or sandy ground more stable.



Sand and Snow Tripod Plates™ are designed to secure Dyacon Tripod-1 to sandy soil or snowy ground.

Tripod Plates are sold in sets of three. For loose, sandy, or rocky soils, or for permanent installations, additional stakes may be required. (Refer to the Tripod-1 manual for information regarding other anchoring options.)

Because plates may not be needed for certain installations (e.g., roof-top), they are not included with the Tripod-1. For installations involving snow and sand, however, plates will be necessary for a reliable installation.


1/4 aluminum

8.375 in (212.725 mm)

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