Weather Connect


Weather Connect is a cable-connected weather station console that also distributes the data to other computers on your network and uploads to DyaconLive. Both Standard and Aviation view modes can be shown in light or dark themes.



Dyacon Weather Connect™ software is a step up from Dyacon Weather Display™. In addition to an easy-to-use weather console for your personal computer, Weather Connect adds a runway indicator and multiple methods for distributing the weather data.

Weather Connect can be used as a public weather console.

Connect one computer to the weather station using Modbus RTU* or TCP**, and serve the data to other computers and Modbus clients on the local area network.

Weather Connect can also upload weather data to DyaconLive and Weather Underground. Just enter the station ID and password.

Weather Connect also adds a runway indicator to the Aviation View mode.

Feature Summary

  • Modbus RTU and TCP support
  • Serve weather data to other network computers
  • Serve Modbus TCP weather data to Modbus TCP clients
  • Upload to DyaconLive
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Connection status indicator
  • Analog and digital readings
  • High-contrast dials
  • High and low readings
  • Average, trend, and other values
  • Low-cost alternative to cell phone costs
  • Operates with wired or wireless link
  • Local log file storage with custom prefix


  • On-site aviation support
  • Industrial safety
  • Weather observer
  • Public safety
  • Event support

* RS485-to-USB converter required to connect the PC to the weather station Modbus port.
** Modbus RTU-to-TCP gateway required.

Manuals & Software


Weather Connect Manual

Software Download

License key required to connect to weather stations.

Weather Connect Installer

Key Features


Analog: Current temperature and dew point.

Numeric: Temperature, dew point, daily low, and daily high temperature.

Units: Celsius or Fahrenheit


Analog: Current mean sea level and absolute barometric pressure.

Trend: Steady, rising, falling, rising fast, or rising slow.

Numeric: Current MSL and absolute, daily low, and daily high.

Units: mbar, mmHg, inHg, kPa


Analog: Current, 2 min avg, 10 min avg, and gust (red triangle)

Numeric: Current, 2 min avg, 10 min avg, and gust

Units: mph, m/s, km/h, knots


Analog: Current relative humidity

Numeric: Current relative humidity, daily low, and daily high


The units and serial port selection are easy to configure.

Aviation View Mode

Density altitude, estimated cloud base

Runway indicator in wind compass

METAR formatted message

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