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Special Event Weather Stations

By June 16, 2014June 29th, 2022Blog

Special events, such as athletic and motor races, large group camps, or outdoor meetings, can pose challenges for organizers as they try to manage resources and prepare for hazardous weather. High winds, cold temperatures, and lightning are common in our area and can increase the risk of injury. Similarly, high temperatures or high humidity can lead to deadly heat injuries.

Here in northern Utah, races such as Lotoja and Ragnar Relay pass through sparsely populated areas and high altitudes. Rapidly changing weather conditions can jeopardize the safety of participants, support crew, and staff, especially when the route may not be easily accessible to evacuation resources.

Dyacon weather stations can be temporarily deployed to key locations to provide quantitative information regarding changing weather conditions in advance of and during special events. Support crews may call in “cold” conditions, but actual weather data can help remove ambiguities and provide a concrete basis for management decisions.

Weather station on Willard peak.

Last week, I had an opportunity to help conduct a large group outdoor activity. Several climbing instructors and I provided an opportunity for 60 youth to take on a 150 ft (50 m) rappel. The venue was at 9200 ft (2800 m) altitude. While this altitude is not extreme, it did provide an opportunity to deploy a Dyacon MS-130 to monitor conditions at the peak while we conducted the group activity 300 feet below.

Event operators can receive weather reports via SMS text message or through Weather Underground. SMS is universally compatible with mobile phones and can be accessed in areas of marginal cell phone coverage.

If you are conducting an event and would like to utilize a Dyacon weather station, please give us a call. We would be happy to support your event.