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Ultrasonic Wind Sensor, FrontDyacon UA-1 is a professional ultrasonic anemometer is now available for new weather stations and for swapping with existing weather stations. We are excited about this new product and its benefits for users.

Both UA-1 and the WSD-1 have unique characteristics that users should evaluate for their circumstances. General differences between the measurement technologies are discussed in an earlier article which you might find interesting, 3-Cup vs. Propeller vs. Ultrasonic – Which Wind Sensor is Right for You?

Advantages of Ultrasonic Anemometers

Ultrasonic anemometers are prized for their mechanical simplicity. Since they have no moving parts they can be completely sealed, protecting them from water and dust.

In the case of UA-1 the electronics are fully potted (encapsulated with epoxy). This doesn’t necessarily mean it is waterproof, but it should be at least keep the rain out and protect the electronics from condensation.

Ultrasonic Anemometer Considerations

While the technology is fascinating, there are a couple of downsides. The lack of moving parts may make UA-1 susceptible to contamination by birds and insects. So, depending on your environment, it will still need routine inspection and cleaning.

The other issue is the operating temperature. The speed of sound changes with air temperature. Ultrasonic anemometers must adjust for this in order to calculate the correct wind speed. UA-1 is specified to operate down to -15°C (5°F), which is quite cold but may not be sufficient for some environments. Keep in mind that UA-1 won’t break below those temperatures, but the wind speed may not be correct.

UA-1 Convenient Features

Ultrasonic Anemometer North Alignment

UA-1 is directly replaceable with Dyacon WSD-1. Any user wishing to swap sensors, just needs to unplug the 3-cup sensor and plug in UA-1. Of course, you still have to align north.

We have a designed the UA-1 mounting system so that it slips over the end of a 3/4″ pipe. The mounting adapter includes a compartment with a pluggable terminal block connector. This can be disconnected to removed UA-1 from an installation without pulling the full ca

ble length. It also makes the cable field replaceable.

One other convenient little feature in UA-1 is the north alignment hole. Temporarily inserting a straw or stick into the hole helps users orient the north position.

UA-1 is a great little sensor for those needed and professional ultrasonic anemometer. Please call us with any questions.

— Eugene

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