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Pilots and passengers alike are well aware that weather plays a significant part in planning a flight route. It’s important to have reliable on-site aviation weather data, especially for aircraft performance and safety purposes. For smaller and more rural airports, it can be a bit difficult to find nearby weather stations.

Rather than deploy expensive AWOS or ASOS weather stations that require considerable cost and effort to maintain, small aviation users should look towards “advisory” weather stations that are both accessible and reliable. A sufficient weather station should be one that collects and delivers real-time, local aviation weather data, while being practical and cost-effective.

Dyacon has a solution for private and rural sites that can be deployed and maintained by pilots, no contract engineers required. If you can set up your home router, you can install a Dyacon weather station.

The MS-130 weather station was specifically configured for aviation applications: small aviation users, rural airports, etc. When combined with a Dyacon tripod, Dyacon weather stations are portable, which allows you to relocate them for seasonal or temporary landing strips.

Dyacon weather station data can be easily accessed with your cell phone using either SMS or a web browserWeather stations can also be cable connected to a local computer, providing an alternative or redundant option. The Pilot’s Guide provides more information on the specifics of instrumentation and accessibility.

The DyaconLive web portal is our very own software, designed and programmed by Dyacon staff. The web portal includes two aviation modes. These show altimeter setting, density altitude, estimated cloud base, and a wind rose overlaid with a runway indicator. This data can be useful for pilots and passengers alike.

Weather Connect is a Windows program for cable-connected installation. The program shows a weather station console and can upload weather data to DyaconLive. It can also distribute the data to other computers on your network. Like DyaconLive, Weather Connect also employs an Aviation Mode. Weather Connect can be used for on-site aviation support.

Dyacon professional weather stations have been placed at several different rural airports around the country, such as Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Texas, New Mexico, Virginia. Click on the links below to view real-time weather data for some of these locations:

Preston, ID

Blackfoot, ID

Fredonia, AZ

WyldwoodTX (Near Austin, TX)

West Glacier, MT

Buckingham, VA


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