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DyaconLive Part 2

By May 2, 2018September 7th, 2023Blog

Read part 1 here. Updates are being made to as quickly as we can get them out.

Update: 10 July 2018

The work goes on to make DyaconLive more and more useful. Two table options were added to DyaconLive with the July release, a daily summary table and an aviation advisory table. One of these will be enabled on your login depending on the function of the weather station.

DyaconLive Panes

Last Observation is now give as an age rather than a date. This makes it more intuitive for users to see how old the data is.

We have also rearranged the dashboard to make room for the new table and improve readability. The new dashboard looks beautiful.

DyaconLive Weather Station Dashboard


Update: 29 June 2018

One of the features we have added to DyaconLive is the option to set alarms based on instrument conditions.

DyaconLive Alarms

Users can not only set the value, but can also specify instructions and a specific email recipient.

Are there any conditions for which you would like to receive alerts? Dewpoint, heat index, cloud base? Let us know.

Update: 29 March 2018

Chris and Eric released a new version of DyaconLive. The coolest part is the weather station status page that charts the battery voltage, solar panel voltage, and charger state. This gives users an excellent tool to evaluate battery condition. (You have to be the station admin user to see this, it doesn’t show up on the public link.)

Dyacon Weather Station Battery Status

Dyacon Weather Station Battery Status

Update: 30 April 2018

There has been a lot of work behind the scenes that will help us expand the features and capabilities of the site as well as additions to the front-end of DyaconLive.

Radio Signal Strength Added

Station Status page now includes cell phone signal strength chart to help admin users manage the equipment and location.Status Page

Chart Range Selection

The charting page allows users to select 2-day or 1 Week of chart span. Custom date range selection is coming soon.

2 Day Chart

2-day Chart


Week Chart

Drag Zoom

Even when displaying a week of data, users can zoom in on the chart by a left-click and drag selection box.

Selection Box

Zoom-in view.

Zoomed Box

Simply right click to return to the normal view.


For Station Network Users

For users that have multiple weather stations, we now have a multi-station selection page.

Station Network Chart

Work is ongoing and many new features will soon be available.


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