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There is a reason we don’t make plastic anemometers.

The following was emailed to me by Zach, who operates a Dyacon weather station network in Nebraska for the Vantage Agri Service agronomy business.

I always like to share when we have an extreme event. This one snuck up on me. 87 mph gust on our Elmwood station. The rest of our network registered gusts in the 60’s. The Lincoln Airport reported 67 mph. Our Palmyra station is actually closer to where the damage in the story below was, but not in the path of the storm damage.

I have a friend who is the chief meteorologist at NWS in Valley, NE. He checks our network page for storms in the county when they have to do storm assessments now; he’s very impressed with the data quality and measurements of the stations.

The specific remote weather station is located near Elmwood, Nebraska. You can see the wind spike on the public page by setting the date to 2023-07-04. The following is the chart from the short-duration wind event.

High-wind chart

The storm caused major damage at a nearby raceway.

KETV News Story Image

Dyacon wind sensors are constructed of aluminum components and can handle sever abuse.



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