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DyaconLive: Local Weather Data for Professional Weather Station Users

*Note: This is the fourth blog post on DyaconLive as we try to keep users up to date on current features. You can read parts 1, 2, and 3, but this post should be sufficient for most users.*

DyaconLive is an ad-free weather station web portal designed and programmed by Dyacon staff. DyaconLive allows users to view real-time, historical, and forecast data related to their Dyacon weather stations. All cell phone and WiFi Dyacon stations are compatible with DyaconLive. Even cable-connected weather stations can upload data to DyaconLive using Dyacon Weather Connect software.

Weather Reports and Forecast

With the DyaconLive web portal, you can view real-time weather data, forecasts, and other weather reports. Take a look at this Dyacon factory station at the USU Cross Country Track in Logan, UT for an example:

You can see the current wind speed, gust, and direction, as well as the temperature, humidity, precipitation levels. Soil temperature, soil moisture, rain gauge, and solar sensors can also be viewed on DyaconLive if your weather station is equipped with these sensors.

DyaconLive can also generate a number of specific reports, such as Grow Degree Days, Irrigation (including evapotranspiration and net water), and Fire Risk.

To receive prior day weather report summaries and forecasts in your email inbox every morning, enable the new Daily Email feature on DyaconLive.

Aviation Mode

DyaconLive also offers an aviation mode specialized for aviation weather users. The mode provides data for altimeter setting, density altitude, estimated cloud base, runway indication, and more.

Above is an example of the DyaconLive aviation console mode for a Dyacon weather station installed at the Preston Airport in Preston, ID.

Maintenance Management and System Information

Weather stations need occasional service to ensure they continue to function both properly and efficiently. For professional users, maintenance tasks compete for time and resources. DyaconLive has a solution: the Maintenance Management system.

The maintenance management system allows technicians to enter their own service schedule for the various sensors. Notifications are visible at the top of the Status page. Activities can be recorded on a data entry form. Site equipment is tracked in a table at the bottom. A little routine attention will assure a reliable meteorological station and a long service life.

If you have any other questions about DyaconLive, feel free to give us a call at (435) 753-1002, or send us an email to

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