Siphon Funnel 20 cm Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge



Alternatives: RGTB-6  |  RGTB-7  |  RGTB‑525i


RGTB‑4™ is a chrome‑plated tipping bucket that collects rain in 0.01″ increments. RGTB‑4 uses a special siphon mechanism to ensure accurate measurements up to rates of 19 in/hr (500 mm/hr).

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Choosing Our Rain Gauge

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The RGTB‑4™ tipping bucket rain gauge offers superior measurement accuracy in high-rate precipitation conditions.

RGTB‑4 is made by Hyquest Solutions by our friends in Austalia, a leading manufacturer of rain gauges offering exceptional value and performance. By employing a novel siphon mechanism to regulate the flow into the tipping buckets, the RGTB‑4 tipping bucket rain gauge outperforms any gauge we have tested in high-rate precipitation conditions.

RGTB‑4 is a superior product for the professional user.

Feature Summary

  • Siphon flow control
  • 200 mm orifice
  • Tipping bucket mechanism
  • Integrated leaf filter
  • Machined outlet
  • Easy to service
  • Dual reed switches
  • Varistor protection
  • Encapsulated electronics
  • Discharge collection ports
  • Powder coated aluminum
  • Debris screens

Manuals & Software


RBTB-4 Data SheetRBTB-4 Instructions

Key Features

Upper Construction

RGTB‑4™ cast aluminum funnel is mounted to a spun aluminum cylinder. All aluminum is powder coated.

The cylinder is mounted to the base using keyhole slots. The cylinder can be removed without fully removing the screws, minimizing the potential for lost screws while servicing equipment.

The siphon is constructed of machined DelrinTM and brass for consistent performance.

Lower Construction

An ABS injection-molded tipping bucket is thick plated with chrome to provide consistent and long-lived performance.

The injection-molded base is made of UV-resistant ABS, which is field proven in desert conditions beyond eight years.

Data Connection

Each bucket tip momentarily closes a reed switch, indicating one incremental step of the gauge resolution.

Dyacon replaces the standard Hyquest Solutions cable with an outdoor-rated, jacketed cable.


With each tip, a signal is sent to attached equipment, such as data loggers or Dyacon control modules.

The reed switches, varistors, and connector are encapsulated in pliable RTV to prevent cracking from handling and temperature fatigue.


RGTB‑4 includes an integrated bubble level. Three-point mounting holes can be mounted to any flat surface.


A pole mount, a bird guard, and calibration devices are available.


Orifice/Collector200 mm +/- 0.3 mm (7.87 in)
ResolutionOne tip (see Resolution Options)
Accuracy+/- 2% at 0 mm/hr to 250 mm/hr
+/- 3% at 250 mm/hr to 500 mm/hr
Resolution Options0.5 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.1 mm, 0.01 in

Operating Humidity0% to 100% rH
Operating Temperature-20°C to 70°C

Switch CharacteristicsDual, isolated reed switches
500 mA max
12 V max working voltage
Varistor protection
0.1 ohms nominal
10x8 to 10x9 MTBF
Wire Connection4-position screw (slotted) terminal block

UpperPowder coated cast aluminum collector, spun aluminum cylinder, machined Delrin funnel outlet
BaseUV-stabilized black ABS, thick wall injection molded
BucketInjection molded ABS, chrome plated, balanced
Mounting Holes3 holes, 9.4 mm (0.370 in) diameter at radius of 117 mm from center, compatible with 8 mm or 5/16 in bolts
Discharge Ports2 ports, 12.4 mm OD, compatible with 12 mm ID tube
Insect and Debris ProtectionCollector, discharge ports and venting screens, 1 mm typical pin size, 1.5 mm max
Tipping PivotsStainless steel axle and axle rest
Weight2 kg
Dimensions237 mm x 315 mm (9.3 in x 12.4 in)

AccessoriesPole mount