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Weather Station Display Solution for Local Data

By June 9, 2017September 7th, 2023Blog

Dyacon has provided fully autonomous weather station solutions to our commercial and industrial users for several years now. Nearly all stations have used the embedded cell phone to provide a reliable wireless interface for a Weather Underground connection, data log upload, and remote command and control.

Nevertheless, there are some applications that require a local solution or one that does not have reoccurring costs.

Dyacon Weather Station DisplayTM software fits this need.

Weather Station Display, Dark Theme

Weather Station Display, Dark Theme

Designed for readability and ease of use, Dyacon Weather Station Display rings true with a glass-cockpit-like interface. Light and dark themes allow the best option for the lighting conditions.

One of the principle applications for this software is aviation support, such as for NGOs operating in remote regions where cell phone and Internet connectivity are not available. Dyacon weather stations provide advisory data that ground personnel can relay to pilots through voice radio. In many cases, ground support staff may have specialties other than reading weather data so it’s important that they are able to read the weather conditions easily.

Dyacon Weather Station DisplayTM settings ensure that users can easily make changes to the units and connection through a simple, intuitive interface.

Weather Station Display, Settings Screen

Weather Station Display, Settings Screen

Dyacon Weather stations may be connected to the computer either through a cable connection for reliable operation.

Watch for additional features as we continue the progress on this practical, simple weather station software. Users that purchase a license will receive updates as they become available.

We strive to make the most practical, professional weather station solutions for our users. Give us a call.


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