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August 2013


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Dyacon, Inc. has turned its experience developing rugged computers into an effort of personal interest to our team: weather instrumentation.

We are pleased to announce the Dyacon product line, which contains weather instruments designed and manufactured in the United States. Dyacon products use sensing elements found in top-of-the line instruments. Direct sales to end users and value-added resellers allow us to keep costs low.

In the wind sensor, you’ll notice a non-contact wind direction sensing element. Most other wind vanes use a potentiometer.

Both wind sensors and air sensors utilize a Modbus data interface for compatibility with programmable logic controllers (PLCs). SDI‑12 is also an option, but it is available only to value-added resellers. The control modules also include a Modbus slave port for connecting a whole weather station to a Modbus host device.

The weather station control modules are highly integrated to improve reliability and value. The single control module circuit board includes all data interfaces, analog ports, logging memory, lightning detector, solar charge controller, LCD, wireless transceiver, and other features. Tight integration enhances power optimization and reduces installation complexity.

We are anxious to hear your input and suggestions. Please drop us a note. Even better, buy something and send us a picture.

Eugene Bodrero & the Dyacon Team

Tripod Announcement

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Tripod Released

Dyacon Tripod-1TM is now available for sale. (No, this isn’t for your camera. . . . But, come to think of it, it could be used for that.)

Tripod-1 is designed to support Dyacon weather station equipment, but it may also be used to support lightweight antenna systems and lighting. The mast height can be raised to as high as 17.4 ft (5.25 m).

Tripod-1 is constructed with machined and welded aluminum. The tripod is available in 7‑ and 10‑leg/mast segment versions. This modular design allows for multiple configurations and facilitates easier field maintenance and repair by the user.

Adjustable legs and large feet ensure stability in a variety of mounting conditions. The feet include holes for 1/2 in stakes and 3/8 in screws.

The tripod is un-anodized to provide better electrical ground and lower cost. Give us a call if you would like an anodized version.

Eugene & the Dyacon Team