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Weather Station Tripod Stakes


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Tripod StakesTM is a set of six 18″ (45 mm) long stakes designed to anchor Dyacon Tripod-1.

PN: STAKES-18-006.


Product Details


Time-Lapse Setup

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Tripod StakesTM are designed to secure Dyacon Tripod-1 to the ground.

Tripod Stakes are sold in sets of six, as this is the number recommended for most soil types. For loose, sandy, or rocky soils, or for permanent installations, additional stakes may be required. (Refer to the Tripod-1 manual for information regarding other anchoring options.)

Because stakes may not be needed for certain installations (e.g., roof-top), they are not included with the Tripod-1. Enterprising users may also prefer to source or manufacture their own stakes in order to save on cost and shipping charges.

Note: Do NOT substitute plastic tent stakes for Tripod Stakes.

Feature Summary

  • 1/2 in (23 mm) rebar
  • 18 in (46 mm) long
  • Top welded washer

Key Features

Tripod StakesTM is simply a set of six 1/2″ concrete reinforcement bars, 18″ (46 mm) long.

To help with stake extraction, each stake has a washer welded 1″ (25 mm) from the top of the stake.

Sorry, a hammer is not included.


No magic materials or exotic manufacturing techniques. The stakes are fabricated using 1/2″ rebar (concrete reinforcement bar) and a steel washer.

Yes, you could weld them up yourself, but we save you some trouble.

Manuals & Software

Sorry, not glossy documents or lengthy manuals here.

Please evaluate your soil conditions to determine whether these stakes are appropriate for your application.


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