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PSP‑110TM provides an accurate measure of solar energy. It is used for solar power modeling, evapotranspiration calculations, and general weather observations.

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PSP‑110™ is a silicone-cell pyranometer that measures the intensity of solar energy in a given area as sunlight strikes the sensor. The analog output value is usually presented as W/m2 (watts per square meter).

PSP‑110 is manufactured in the USA by Apogee Instruments. Pyranometers can be used for scientific calculations to estimate the rate of crop transpiration or used to model expected output from a solar power installation. PSP‑110 can also be used to assess cloud cover conditions for aviation and road maintenance applications.

As a professional-quality sensor, the PSP‑110 solar sensor is designed to provide years of trouble-free operation.

Feature Summary

  • Hemispheric top sheds water and debris
  • Fully potted electronics
  • Self-powered design
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Silicone photodiode
  • Calibrated to +/-5%
  • Outdoor-rated cable
  • Made in the USA

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Key Features


PSP‑110™ includes an anodized aluminum case, fully potted sensor circuit, and shielded cable.

Sensor Output

Analog output


PSP‑110 is user-serviceable. It uses a single mounting screw for securing it to the mounting bracket. Cable should point north when used in the northern hemisphere.


The solar sensor should be mounted so as to minimize unwanted reflections and shadows. The sensor mounts to the Dyacon radiation shield using BKT‑PSP‑1. This is a simple bracket that requires no tools.


Sensitivity0.20 mV per W/m^2
Calibration Uncertainty+/- 5%
Drift<2% per year
Non-linearity<1% up to 1750 W/m^2
Response Time<1 ms
Field of View180°
Spectral Range360 nm to 1120 nm
Directional Response+/- 5% at 75° zenith

PowerNone, unamplified photodiode response
Sensor Output Range0 mV to 250 mV typical

*Specifications based on manufacturer’s information.

HousingAnodized aluminum
CableShielded, twisted pair; black Santoprene jacket; 26 AWG, PVC, tinned; ted, black, white
Dimensions2.4 cm diameter, 2.75 cm height (0.94 in x 1.1 in)
Weight90 g (3.17 oz)

Operating Humidity0% to 100% rH
Operating Temperature-40°C to 70°C
SealingSubmersible to 30 m

AccessoriesBKT-PSP-1 Mounting Bracket