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LD‑1TM is a Modbus lightning detection sensor. LD‑1 uses the Modbus protocol to connect to computers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and some data loggers.

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Manuals & Software

Lightning Detector LD1TM is a Modbus sensor that can be connected to Dyacon weather station control modules and other automation systems, such as PLCs.

The sensor provides strike count, estimated distance of the last strike (0 to 40 km/24 miles), and several other parameters through the Modbus connection.

LD1 is designed for industrial users, weather researchers, safety management applications, and system integrators where advisory instruments may be helpful in making safety and management decisions.

Feature Summary

  • Modbus RTU slave
  • Lightning distance estimate
  • Strike count
  • Cloud-to-cloud detection
  • Cloud-to-ground detection
  • Customizable thresholds
  • Modbus RTU slave
  • 5 to 24 VDC input
  • Low power: 1.6 mAmp
  • Easy mounting
  • Made in USA


LD-1 Data SheetLD-1 Manual

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Hoja de Datos

Key Features

LD-1 detects lightning by analyzing electromagnetic disturbances. The processing chip analyzes the shape and energy level of detected signals to identify characteristic lightning patterns.

LD-1 contains several settings so that users may tune the sensor performance for their environment.

The LD-1 enclosure and mounting fitting are made of machined Delrin®.

Outdoor-rated cable length may be configurable at order time.

Data Connection
Power and data are provided through a 4-wire connection. LD-1 uses an RS-485 (Modbus RTU slave) data connection that allows for long cable runs.
Firmware updates may be done through the same data cable.


The LD-1 uses a female 1” NPT pipe thread to provide a versatile, low-cost, and convenient mounting system that does not require proprietary hardware and can be readily installed in a variety of locations.


LD-1 can be used with Dyacon weather station controllers to provide alert SMS text messages and email alerts when lightning is detected.


SensorAMS AS3935
Stormhead Range Estimate15 values from 0 km to 40 km (0 miles to 24 miles)
Consecutive Strike Span1 s
Detection Efficiency*Approximately 40%
Response Time<1 s

ProtcolModbus slave with configurable data rate and address.
Detection ParametersStrike Count Since Last Read
Noise Count Since Last Read
Disturber Count Since Last Read
Distance Estimation
Energy of Last Strike (relative)
Strike Count 10 minute
Strike Count 30 minute
Strike Count 60 minute
Noise Count 60 minute
Disturber Count 60 minute
Configuration ParametersFront-end Amplifier Gain
Noise Floor Level
Watchdog Threshold
Minimum Number Lightning Strikes
Spike Rejection Level

*Detection efficiency is dependent on the use environment and the level of ambient, man-made electromagnetic noise. Detection thresholds are user configurable and may be increased to reduce the false detection rate at industrial environments, but this will also impact lightning detection.

Power Input5 VDC to 24 VDC
Current1.6 mAavg at 12 VDC**
Circuit ProtectionGas discharge tube and transient suppression on signal and power wires.

MaterialWhite Delrin enclosure
Diameter x Length4 cm x 12.7 cm (1.6” x 5”)
Not including optional mounting pipe.
Cable4 conductor, 24 AWG, stranded
Foil shield w/ drain wire
Outdoor rated cable
Weight226 g (8 oz)
Not including optional mounting pipe.

Operating Temperature-40°C to 80°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to 80°C
Operating Humidity0% to 100% rH

** Continuous full run mode, reading 200 range registers once per second.

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