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Education Weather Station

Weather Station MS-130 features

Education Weather Station

Creating interest in the natural world is a crucial part of the education of the next generation. What better way to do that, than making data leap off the paper and into a child’s outstretched hands? By bringing a customizable weather station to your school, a variety of uses can be employed. Students will benefit from hands-on learning, conditions for recess can be more accurately monitored, the community can have access via text commands, and children can be introduced to STEM early on. Weather conditions can be documented manually or by employing the use of a data logger, and long term information can be studied to find weather patterns. At Dyacon, our customizable and affordable weather station is exactly what you need.

Dyacon Stations

The Dyacon customizable MS-100 series makes finding a weather station that fits your specific needs a little easier. Starting with the MS-120 and ending with the MS-150, the sensors included measure wind speeds, air temperature and pressure, humidity levels, soil temperature and moisture, and rain levels that can be used in any level of climate discussion.  All MS-100 weather stations come with an assembly of components including cellphone capability.

After being installed, the MS-1XX begins to send weather reports and alarms strait to the users cell phone in the form of SMS. Alerts can be sent for temperatures outside a designated range, lightning, changing wind speeds, wind gusts, and other conditions, useful for spontaneous teaching moments. The user needs only to send a text command to receive current conditions. The best part? No additional software, websites, or computer programs are required.

When combined with the Dyacon Tripod-1Dyacon weather stations are also portable, which allows you to relocate them easily for the best performance.

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